Thursday, March 22, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Let's face it.  Wednesday is not a good day for me to do this so I think Thursday is going to be my confessions day.  Wednesdays is our small group night which means I leave work at 7:00 7:15, come home, grab something quick to eat, stuff my face in the car on the way to the Jones house, have a great time with our friends, get home after 10 and am too tired to do much else.  So, I'll call Thursday mid-week....

-I tried on several pairs of shorts from last summer in hopes that something still fit that I could take to Hawaii with me.  Nothing did.  Not even close.  And it wasn't just that they were too tight around my belly...they were too tight around everything.  Apparently the 8+ lbs I've gained so far have not just gone to my little bump but also to my thunder thighs.  I threw myself a pity party and then dreamt I was on a roller coaster with Chipper Jones. 

-My dream about Chipper Jones is by far the best pregnancy dream so far.  Last night I dreamt about breast feeding my was a boy who had a lot of hair.

-I wanted to punch most people in the face this week.  This is usually how I get right before vacation (and a good sign that I need a vacation). I was not in the mood to hear about people are in so much pain yet don't do anything they are supposed take meds, do their home exercises, etc.

-I'm secretly hoping that it rains all week in Seattle so I can gloat about being in Hawaii

-I'm going to try snorkeling but I'm afraid of things in the water that might bite me.

Don't know if I'll post while we are in Hawaii but if not I'll catch you on the flip side.  Aloha!

Monday, March 19, 2012

How are you feeling?

Warning:  this post may contain some TMI moments...

This is perhaps the most common question I get these days.  I certainly don't mind getting asked how I'm feeling as most people are expressing genuine concern but after about 20 times of being asked this, I get tired of answering.

To be honest, I have had a very smooth pregnancy thus far.  Have to thank Momma Watson for that one.  She says she had no morning sickness during either of her pregnancies with JD or myself.  I have also had zero morning sickness or any sickness.  I ended up with a UTI at 7 weeks and the antibiotics for that made me a little nauseous.  But otherwise, its all been good...except for:

The sore breasts:  this was my first sign of pregnancy.  Not only were they sore to the touch but they all of the sudden got huge!  Fortunately, the growth has slowed down a little. My mother-in-law is a lactation nurse and says that early breast changes in pregnancy is a good sign that the mom will produce plenty of milk for her little one.  At this rate, my child will have milk to last until kindergarden - not that I'm planning to breast feed for that long.

Heartburn: It doesn't help that I had issues with this prior to getting pregnant.  Fortunately it comes and goes.  Anything tomato based tends to flare it up as does a lot of citrus.  My doctor says I can't eat more than 30 Tums per day.  Usually a couple Tums helps, but I got the clear at my last appointment to take Pepcid which definitely does the trick.  And, since Charlie (the dog) gets a daily Pepcid we buy in bulk at Costco and have a good supply.

Constipation:  don't worry, I won't go there.

Fatigue: Oh my gosh I have never been so tired.  On my days off (Sat, Sun, Mon) I would take at least a 2 hour nap each day and then have no trouble falling asleep.  On my work days, I would feel about ready to fall asleep around 2:30.  Fortunately I had a student through most of my first trimester (who was awesome) and I didn't have to think much.

Food Aversions:  These haven't been too crazy except for my aversion to chocolate.  I know, its tragic.  Chocolate doesn't make me sick or anything but it just doesn't sound good.  I had to make caramel brownies (my specialty - I once threw a half a pan of these brownies in the garbage just so I wouldn't eat them all and then ate one out of the garbage...that's how good they are) for Andrew for work and I had no desire to eat one. 

Cravings: Strawberries, Thai food, and dried mango have been the strongest.  Oh, and cereal. 

I'm sure there are many more pregnancy "symptoms" to come.  All these are due to the lovely hormones estrogen and progesterone - or so the books say.  Fortunately the fatigue is diminishing as I move into the second trimester.

I'm truly thankful that I haven't been sick and that my baby is healthy.  I'm praying that all continues to go smoothly and that if my pregnancy is like my moms, that the actual birth is like that too.  More to come on that in another post.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mid-week confessions

Midweek confessions stems from my friend Elizabeth's blog (  Her blog is way better than mine - her excellence in the blogging world is what I strive for.  I like her concept for these so here we go:

- I refused to take the tags off any of my maternity clothes until our ultrasound this week.  I was afraid I would jinx my pregnancy.  I'm sure that God appreciates my lack of trust.

- I've been reading through the bible with my friend Kelly.  We meet on Mondays.  The last 2 weeks we haven't been able to meet and I didn't touch my Bible until last night.  I have, however, watched at least 10 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210.

- I've had at least 3 cans of Coke this week.  I told myself I would stay away from caffiene during pregnancy but I forgot just how good real Coke was and couldn't resist temptation.

- Charlie has lick wounds on his paws.  I need to cone him but think its so cruel.  We have antibiotic shampoo but both of us are too tired to give him a bath.

- This should have been done Wednesday, but its Friday.  I'll try and be better next week.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Breakfast for lunch....and sometimes dinner

When I was in elementary school, we would sometimes get breakfast for lunch.  It was usually french toast and sausage and breakfast potatoes and chocolate milk - quite the treat for an 8 year old.

Lately, nothing has sounded good to eat except cereal, bagels and poptarts - mostly thanks to heartburn.  So, my trip to the grocery store on Sunday ended up with this:

Yep, 3 boxes of cereal, everything bagels, Pop-tarts, and chocolate milk.  This is in addition to the multiple bags of Frosted Mini Wheats, Honey Nut Cheerios, and granola already in our pantry from Costco.

In other pregnancy cravings, I also ended up with this:

Who doesn't love Mac and Cheese?  I've been trying to stay away from caffiene in general but have had a Coke here and there lately and I'm not gonna lie - its delicious!  I've been drinking diet for so long I forgot how good real Coke is.

For those of you worried about what the heck my husband is eating and/or the nutritional health of my unborn child, I also bought some healthy stuff.  And I'm proud to say that I also rejected the cute little girl scouts and their cookies (though I was quite tempted)...

I still manage to cook most nights but planning has been difficult - sometimes things that sound good earlier in the week DO NOT sound good on another given day of the week.  Anything with tomatoes gives me heartburn so pasta with tomato sauce is not an option - unfortunate since its one of my go-to meals on nights when I don't get home from work until after 7pm.

I'm hoping it will be easier on Andrew come summer time when he can throw some meat on the grill while I enjoy my Golden Grahams.

Monday, March 12, 2012

We're Pregnant!

Well technically I am pregnant.  Andrew is just putting up with the fatigue, random bouts of crying, and me constantly changing my mind about what I want to eat.  But we are very excited for the arrival of this little one!

We found out we were pregnant on January 14th.  It was a Saturday morning, I was about due to receive my monthly visit from Aunt Flo. I had been kind of crampy the last couple of days like things should be starting but had nothing yet. I woke up early (like 7:00 ish) and had to go to the bathroom and thought to myself, what the heck, I'll just take a test.  So I peed on the stick.  Nothing really showed up so I left it on the bathroom counter and got back in bed.  But I couldn't sleep.  So, 30 minutes later, I got up again, went to the bathroom to check the stick and low and behold there were 2 lines!  Granted, the one was very faint but there none the less.  And yes, I did it.  I took a picture.

What?!?!?!  I ran back to our room and said "Andrew!  I think I'm pregnant!".  He woke up and sleepily said "okay" and went back to sleep.  Our friends give him a hard time about that.

I took another test (different brand) the next morning just to be sure and it too was positive.  Of course I had to tell someone.  So, the first person I saw at church was my friend Ali. It was early and pretty quiet and I whispered in her ear "Guess what? I'm pregnant!".  She cried which made me cry and was very excited for us.

We told our parents, family, and close friends over the next week or so (more on that in another post) and after waiting a LONG 8 more weeks we finally get to tell everyone else!  We are so excited to share this journey with our friends and families.  I couldn't find a pregnancy journal that I liked so I figured I could use a blog as a journal.  So, I hope you all enjoy hearing about our lives - the good, the bad, and the mundane.

Also, thought you might like to see one of Baby H's first gifts - quite appropriate don't you think?  :-)  Thanks Grandma Hall!