Monday, March 19, 2012

How are you feeling?

Warning:  this post may contain some TMI moments...

This is perhaps the most common question I get these days.  I certainly don't mind getting asked how I'm feeling as most people are expressing genuine concern but after about 20 times of being asked this, I get tired of answering.

To be honest, I have had a very smooth pregnancy thus far.  Have to thank Momma Watson for that one.  She says she had no morning sickness during either of her pregnancies with JD or myself.  I have also had zero morning sickness or any sickness.  I ended up with a UTI at 7 weeks and the antibiotics for that made me a little nauseous.  But otherwise, its all been good...except for:

The sore breasts:  this was my first sign of pregnancy.  Not only were they sore to the touch but they all of the sudden got huge!  Fortunately, the growth has slowed down a little. My mother-in-law is a lactation nurse and says that early breast changes in pregnancy is a good sign that the mom will produce plenty of milk for her little one.  At this rate, my child will have milk to last until kindergarden - not that I'm planning to breast feed for that long.

Heartburn: It doesn't help that I had issues with this prior to getting pregnant.  Fortunately it comes and goes.  Anything tomato based tends to flare it up as does a lot of citrus.  My doctor says I can't eat more than 30 Tums per day.  Usually a couple Tums helps, but I got the clear at my last appointment to take Pepcid which definitely does the trick.  And, since Charlie (the dog) gets a daily Pepcid we buy in bulk at Costco and have a good supply.

Constipation:  don't worry, I won't go there.

Fatigue: Oh my gosh I have never been so tired.  On my days off (Sat, Sun, Mon) I would take at least a 2 hour nap each day and then have no trouble falling asleep.  On my work days, I would feel about ready to fall asleep around 2:30.  Fortunately I had a student through most of my first trimester (who was awesome) and I didn't have to think much.

Food Aversions:  These haven't been too crazy except for my aversion to chocolate.  I know, its tragic.  Chocolate doesn't make me sick or anything but it just doesn't sound good.  I had to make caramel brownies (my specialty - I once threw a half a pan of these brownies in the garbage just so I wouldn't eat them all and then ate one out of the garbage...that's how good they are) for Andrew for work and I had no desire to eat one. 

Cravings: Strawberries, Thai food, and dried mango have been the strongest.  Oh, and cereal. 

I'm sure there are many more pregnancy "symptoms" to come.  All these are due to the lovely hormones estrogen and progesterone - or so the books say.  Fortunately the fatigue is diminishing as I move into the second trimester.

I'm truly thankful that I haven't been sick and that my baby is healthy.  I'm praying that all continues to go smoothly and that if my pregnancy is like my moms, that the actual birth is like that too.  More to come on that in another post.

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  1. I also had an aversion to chocolate. Totally weird, but I think I was able to eat chocolate again at the end. I also couldn't eat pork and the smell of cooking meat was the worst!

    Try a mango lassi... I would walk to an Indian food cart at lunch and get lunch and two lassi's... One for the walk back and one to eat with my meal... Yum!