Friday, March 16, 2012

Mid-week confessions

Midweek confessions stems from my friend Elizabeth's blog (  Her blog is way better than mine - her excellence in the blogging world is what I strive for.  I like her concept for these so here we go:

- I refused to take the tags off any of my maternity clothes until our ultrasound this week.  I was afraid I would jinx my pregnancy.  I'm sure that God appreciates my lack of trust.

- I've been reading through the bible with my friend Kelly.  We meet on Mondays.  The last 2 weeks we haven't been able to meet and I didn't touch my Bible until last night.  I have, however, watched at least 10 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210.

- I've had at least 3 cans of Coke this week.  I told myself I would stay away from caffiene during pregnancy but I forgot just how good real Coke was and couldn't resist temptation.

- Charlie has lick wounds on his paws.  I need to cone him but think its so cruel.  We have antibiotic shampoo but both of us are too tired to give him a bath.

- This should have been done Wednesday, but its Friday.  I'll try and be better next week.


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