Thursday, March 22, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Let's face it.  Wednesday is not a good day for me to do this so I think Thursday is going to be my confessions day.  Wednesdays is our small group night which means I leave work at 7:00 7:15, come home, grab something quick to eat, stuff my face in the car on the way to the Jones house, have a great time with our friends, get home after 10 and am too tired to do much else.  So, I'll call Thursday mid-week....

-I tried on several pairs of shorts from last summer in hopes that something still fit that I could take to Hawaii with me.  Nothing did.  Not even close.  And it wasn't just that they were too tight around my belly...they were too tight around everything.  Apparently the 8+ lbs I've gained so far have not just gone to my little bump but also to my thunder thighs.  I threw myself a pity party and then dreamt I was on a roller coaster with Chipper Jones. 

-My dream about Chipper Jones is by far the best pregnancy dream so far.  Last night I dreamt about breast feeding my was a boy who had a lot of hair.

-I wanted to punch most people in the face this week.  This is usually how I get right before vacation (and a good sign that I need a vacation). I was not in the mood to hear about people are in so much pain yet don't do anything they are supposed take meds, do their home exercises, etc.

-I'm secretly hoping that it rains all week in Seattle so I can gloat about being in Hawaii

-I'm going to try snorkeling but I'm afraid of things in the water that might bite me.

Don't know if I'll post while we are in Hawaii but if not I'll catch you on the flip side.  Aloha!

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  1. We went snorkeling when we were in Hawaii and I'm totally scared of things in the ocean! The sea turtles made it all better though, love them!