Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mid Week Confessions

- First - I totally could have done this last night (the real mid-week) - small group got cancelled because of a flu bug.  What did I do?  Had Subway (thanks to my amazing husband), took a Benadryl (don't worry, doc said it was okay) and was asleep by 9:30.

- Remember a while back how I mentioned I was trying to read through the Bible - yep, haven't read a thing since that post.  I'm not a total heathen - Andrew and I read through an NT Wright devotional for lent.

- I'm in a NASCAR fantasy league.  And I'm winning.  Awesome.

- I drank my last can of Coke that was in the house tonight.  And I'm determined not to buy anymore

-  Can't think of anymore.  My brain is fried. 

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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