Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mid Week Confessions

Its Thursday kids - here we go...

- A lot more people - mainly my patients - are asking me if I'm pregnant (which hopefully means I look pregnant instead of fat).  One of these days I really want to say to someone "No, I'm not pregnant" just to see the look on their face.  Depending on how much I like said person, I may or may not tell them the truth.

-My baby likes ice cream - when I eat it I feel all sorts of wiggling.  I want to eat ice cream every night just to feel my baby move.  And because ice cream is awesome.

- I clog a toilet in our house at least once a week.  Thanks hormones.  (sorry if thats TMI)

- My poor dog looks like a chemo patient - he is shedding so there are tufts of hair falling out and bald spots where I've been too aggressive with the Furminator

- Said dog hair has been in multiple locations on my carpet for the last week and a half.  I still haven't vacuumed

- My suitcase from Hawaii (we got back 3 weeks ago) is still half unpacked on my guest bed. We bought coffee and macadamia nuts for our parents and have yet to send them.

Happy almost weekend everyone!


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