Monday, April 23, 2012

Weather wuss

I've lived in Washington for about 9 years now (which seems crazy to me that is been that long).  One thing I've realized since adapting to the Pacific NW is that I am a weather wuss.

Montana has extreme weather - in the winter it can easily get to 20 below zero with windchill as well as snow and blizzards and all that.  School is never cancelled due to snow or cold.  In the summer months temperatures can get in the 90s and 100s.  Its a dry heat so not quite so intolerable and usually it cools down enough at night that you can cool down your house if you don't have AC.  Spring and Fall are pleasant temperatures - warm days, cool nights.  This is what I grew up with.  When I moved to Tacoma in August of 2003, it had been 100 degrees in Montana for about 3 weeks straight.  It was about 85 degrees in Tacoma during my first couple days of class and while everyone else thought it was hot, I thought it was great. 

Fast forward 9 years....

Washington is a much more mild climate.  Temperatures generally don't get below 35 in the winter and above 80 ish in the summer.  When it does, people freak out.  The threat of snow causes school cancellations.  Any real snow and the city shuts down.  At work, 95% of patients will cancel their appointments.  It snowed for about a week in January and I saw a total of about 10 patients all week long (I normally average about 12 per day) and was sent home early 3 of 4 days.  In the summer when its above 90, they call it a "heat wave" and start warning people to check on their neighbors who might be vulnerable to heat stroke.  Hotels with air conditioning will be booked out.  They keep libraries open extra hours so people can "escape the heat".  Granted, very few people have air conditioning around here which makes the heat more uncomfortable.  There are rare times when the humidity stays high and it won't cool off below 80 at night which can be quite miserable.  But still, its not 120 degrees and as long as you aren't in the direct sunlight all day long, your risk of heat related illness is relatively low.

So, now being a Washingtonian, my temperature gague is adjusted.  Andrew says I have a happy zone between 65 and 70 where I'm comfortable.  I now complain - anything below 40 is cold and anything above about 75 gets too warm.  Especially for sleeping at night.  We keep our house on the colder side especially in our rom at night. We cover the heating vents so when the heater comes on in the morning for the rest of the house, it doesn't get too hot in our room.   I love to snuggle under the down comforter and stay warm.  I would much rather be cold than hot.

I DO NOT like sleeping when its hot.  I can't sleep without some kind of covering - I dream that I'm naked.  I have to have at least the sheet.  The last few days its been very nice around here - temperatures in the 70s.  Its been nice to see the sun and have a break from the rain.  But, as we were out taking a walk this weekend, I'm starting to realize that this little heater in my belly will not make my summer pleasant.  I was starting to get uncomfortably hot in 70 degree weather.  This is not a good sign.  The last couple of nights I have gone back and forth from blazing hot and sweating throwing the covers off to then getting cold and snuggling back in. 

Another thing is that I'm not really a shorts person.  I'm more of a bermuda/capri person mostly because I carry all my weight in my thighs therefore I'm embarrassed to wear shorts when I feel overweight.  Add on the weight I've gained during pregnancy which I feel has gone 50% to my belly and 50% to my thighs and there's more to come.

If we get a "heat wave" in Seattle this summer, I am going to be miserable.  I will probably be happy to be at work where we have AC.  We have a portable AC unit at home that we can put in the bedrooom to make it more comfortable to sleep.  But I am probably not going to be a happy camper if I'm 8 months pregnant and its 100 degrees outside.  Anybody who has air conditioning that lives on the Eastside?  If so you may have a houseguest coming....

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  1. I'm not a shorts person either.
    I'll come hang out with you during the heat wave this summer. We can play weather wuss games like cards, or Clue. :)