Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Baby H has a best buddy.  And its actually another Baby H!  Our good friends Noah and Ali found out last week that they are also having a little man.  I am so excited for our kids to grow up together.  Of course, its dependent on a lot of things - mostly that the church can come up with enough money in the budget to make Noah the full time youth pastor.  Praying hard about that one - and for those of you who are prayer warriors, pray for the Creekside budget and that God will provide what we need.  I know that its His will and plan for the church and not mine but I really hope my friends can stay.

It was an exhausting Memorial Day Weekend - my parents were in town and we spent the weekend on the go.  Add in not sleeping well and preggo hormones and I had a few moments yesterday of emotional breakdown.  But we got some shopping done and Baby H has a good supply of onsies, pants, sweatshirts and blankets.  I will post pictures and give more updates tomorrow.  I'm so tired.

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