Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mid-Week Confessions

- I gained 10 pounds since my last doctors appoinment.  Yep.  10.  I don't know how - granted I haven't been super careful about my diet but I haven't been pigging out like crazy either.  My doctor said not to worry about it - usually women see a big gain in the 16-24 week mark because baby grows a lot.  She said to focus on the 2 things I can control which is my food choices and my exercise.  I have been slacking on the exercise for various reasons.  Hopefully as the weather gets nicer walks outside will get more frequent.

- My house is a mess.

- We are addicted to the show Parenthood.  I am way too emotionally attached to that show.

- I am so happy that we are having a boy.  I would have been fine with a girl but I really wanted a boy.

- My husband doesn't like any of the names that I like.  I'm secretly expecting hoping that I can persuade him to name our baby one of my names.

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  1. Parenthood is my absolute favorite show! I love to hear that people are enjoying it!