Monday, May 21, 2012


Hi Friends!  I apologize for my lack of blogging over the last week.  We had guests (Andrew's sister Susanna and her boyfriend Gary) in town last week.  Between massive cleaning efforts and then being busy with them, I barely had time to keep up with email.  But I'm hoping this week I can catch up.

Normally when we have houseguests arriving, we have a cleaning fest - you know, dust, vacuum, clean the bathrooms etc.  These things all get done on a relatively regular basis but there's nothing like company to motivate you to do it all at once.

But this time was different.  I not only went into "deep clean because we have company mode" but I also suddenly went into "I have to organize everything" mode.  I didn't realize it until someone mentioned it on Facebook that I was nesting.  I always heard about this phenomenon in pregnant women but didn't think it would be happening so quickly.

I enjoy being organized and after a while significant clutter will annoy me to no end.  My problem is that when I am organized, I do a poor job of maintaining my organization.  Instead of sorting the mail and recycling junk mail, shredding credit card applications, etc, I tend to let it pile up on the sofa table until you can no longer see the table.  Instead of putting my clean clothes away after doing laundry, I pick clean clothes out of the clothes basket as it sits in the middle of the floor of my bedroom.  I don't have time during the week to read the plethora of magazines I subscribe to so they pile up in the basement and I read them when I can (usually just in time for the next month's issue to arrive). 

But I have to say I am quite proud of my organization effors last weekend.  I even took some pictures to prove it.  I mentioned in previous posts my incredibly messy office - well it needed to be cleaned out enough to fit a queen size air matress in it for Gary to sleep.  Mission accomplished!  I also tackled our linen closet, our closet under the stairs, and the desk and bookshelf in the downstairs (all which were completely unnecessary for company but this whole nesting thing took over).

Office  before

Office after

Bookshelf after
Bookshelf before

Desk before

Desk after

Basement closet after
Basement closet before

Linen closet after
Linen closet before
This was a major accomplishment in getting us a little more ready for Baby H too.  Eventually the office will become the guest room and the guest room will be the nursery.  Baby H is kicking me right now as I type so he must be excited too.  The biggest challenge will be where to put my crafting supplies and other miscellaneous desk stuff from the office.  There is probably room now on the bookshelf downstairs for some of that stuff.  I'm sure we will figure it out. 

Happy Monday all.  I am settled in for a day of laundry and watching Dawson's Creek - it is on instant Netflix now.  I watched it in high school and a lot of reruns in college so I'm excited to watch it again.  Realizing now how cheesy of a show it was especially early on.

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