Monday, June 18, 2012

A shout out to my husband

First, I should wish him a Happy Father's Day.  I know that he doesn't yet "feel" like a dad like I "feel" like a Mom but he is being an amazing Dad by simply taking care of me during this pregnancy.  He makes me s'mores on demand, vacuums the stairs for me, and lets me borrow his clothes for pajamas.  And the last few days, he has done his best to help me avoid stressing out.

See, our tenants moved out of our rental property and left it in pretty rough shape.  This was MY first house so I have an emotional attachment to it.  To see it so dirty and neglected makes me sad.  And I get easily overwhelmed at all that needs to be done to get it ready to rent again.  We were there yesterday and we did a lot of work - as much as could be done in a Sunday afternoon.  One task included taking a yard waste bin that was filled with anything but yard waste - mainly nasty smelly garbage that included dog poo, cat litter and a dead turtle.  Andrew bagged everything in garbage bags and we left them in front of the house so we could fill the yard waste bin with actual yard waste.

Last night, all I could dream about and think about was garbage.  I started worrying that we left smelly garbage bags on the street (because our tenants conveniently lost our actual garbage bin) and that the neighbors could smell it or animals would be ripping the bags open and strewing crap all over the streets of Tacoma.  We won't be able to get back down there until Saturday.  I woke up at 2:00 am and could not get my brain to stop thinking about garbage.  Andrew ended up being up about 3 and was also thinking the same thing.  We talked for a while, contemplated just getting up at 4am and driving down to take care of it and decided that we would go tonight after work and move the garbage bags to the back yard where at least if animals got into them then the crap would be in our yard not the street. 

Andrew ended up making this trip by himself - braving rush hour traffic by himself to move garbage and do a couple of other quick things around the house.  An hour drive each way to be there for 30 minutes to move some garbage bags.  All so I can sleep better tonight.

Bottom line, he's an amazing husband.  He always puts my needs before his.  And I know that's what will make him an amazing father.  And a handsome one at that :-)

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