Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hot hot hot!

Hi Friends!  A quick note from vacation.  Montana is awesome.  I never appreciated it while I lived here but when I come back to visit I love it more every time.  We are staying in Somers which is a small town on the northwest side of Flathead Lake.

Trivia fact:  Flathead lake is the largest fresh water lake west of the Mississippi river.

The trip has been great except it has been SO HOT!!  Unfortunately, the lake house we are renting does not have AC.  The upstairs main room has a vaulted ceiling and gets all the morning sun and it is currently 83 degrees indoors and 93 degrees outside.  I chose the basement bedroom for Andrew and I (which is about 10 degrees cooler than the upstairs).  The bed is full vs a king upstairs and Andrew barely fits on it but its well worth the lower temperature.

We were in Glacier National Park yesterday and it was hot there too.  We took one of the famous "Red Bus Jammer Tour" which was awesome but at one point were stopped on the Going to the Sun Road for about 30 minutes baking in the sun.  I thought I might get heat stroke.  Pregnant ladies and sun do not make a good combo.  I was chugging water but that just made me have to pee more often.

My poor ankles....the 11 hour drive to Great Falls caused quite a bit of swelling.  They didn't go down much overnight and then we had to sit at church in 95 degree weather with no AC.  The service of course was extra long (a new pastor was getting ordained and installed) and by the end I thought that my sandals were going to start cutting off the circulation in my toes.  My feet have never been so swollen and stiff.  It was almost painful..

They haven't gotten as bad the rest of the week and it helps to elevate them at the end of the night.   I also think I'm acclimating a little to the warm weather as I don't feel nearly as uncomfortable sitting in the living room at 83 degrees than I did earlier in the week.

Still,  I'm thankful for living in Seattle where the highs generally stay in the high 70s and where we have a portable AC unit for our room to help sleep.  We head back to Great Falls tomorrow (thankfully my parents have AC) and my baby shower is on Saturday.  I'm so excited!

I have some great pictures of Glacier to post - it is such a beautiful place and I encourage everyone to visit if you ever get a chance.

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