Monday, July 30, 2012

Time Flies!

How do I only have 8 weeks left?  Back in January when I first found out I was pregnant, September seemed so far away.  I wondered what the summer would be like - what would I look like with a belly?  How will it feel when the baby moves?  Will it be a boy or a girl?  Well, all those questions have been answered.
Now my questions include:  what will he look like?  How painful will childbirth be? What will it feel like to breast feed?  What if I can't do this?

I know those questions and more will be answered soon enough.  While physically I feel like I want time to go faster (my hips hurt, I'm not sleeping super well, I'm tired), mentally I need a few more weeks to get things done!  Most of our spare time has been spent getting the rental property ready and I feel like preparing my own house has not happened.  Oh well, as long as he has a place to sleep and plenty of breast milk, I don't think he'll mind if the nursery isn't quite finished.

Anyway, its time for a belly bump update.  Nothing like looking at a bunch of pictures of yourself to make you feel fat...especially when I look back and think how skinny I was at 12 weeks!  Sorry if the pictures are off - it is impossible to get pictures in the right spot in blogger. 

How far along? 32 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 38 pounds.  Since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes (GD) I've actually lost 2 pounds.  I don't feel like I'm eating that much differently, just portion control with the carbs.  The dietician actually keeps telling me I'm not eating enough.  No one can be happy.  She tells me I had gained too much on my first appointment and now she's tell me to eat more.  Go figure.

Maternity clothes? Some of my shirts are getting a little snug - may have to buy some biggers sizes.
Stretch marks? Now starting to get some on the lower part of my belly but my tattoo remains unaffected (its a Jesus fish on the front of my R hip).  Continued accumulation on my hips and thighs..
Sleep: So, so.  I'm up at least once to pee, have to shift a lot to be comfortable and its too hot to sleep with the preggo pillow.
Best moment this week:  an ultrasound today showed that GD is not affecting his growth.  Even though he was a little stubborn and they couldn't get in to measure some of the stuff they wanted, it was nice to know that he looked very healthy.
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach, and now being able to eat what I want without thinking about carb content. 
Movement: Lots!  So much sometimes my whole body shakes.  He likes to sit his little behind right under my ribs and then push it up.  Feeling more knees and elbows vs hands and feet.
Food cravings: Cheese.  And the dietician has recommended ice cream with nuts for my bed time snack - who argues when someone encourages you to eat ice cream?
Anything making you queasy or sick: cigarette smoke
Have you started to show yet: You tell me :-)
Gender: Its a boy!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? Still in
Wedding rings on or off? On - my hands swell when I walk for exercise or I get really hot. Its a good thing I don't wear my rings on my ankles :-)
Happy or Moody most of the time: I have my good days and bad days.  If I haven't been sleeping well, I definitely cry VERY easily.  Other days I feel really happy.  My poor husband has to try and guess what kind of day I'm having.
Looking forward to: Getting our rental property DONE.  We have birth class this weekend - not sure if I'm going to feel more or less prepared after it.

The picture doesn't show it very well, but I chopped my hair off.  I went back to my shorter style and I like it so much better.  I don't know what I was thinking trying to grow it out.  I told my stylist to remind me of this attempt the next time I told him I wanted to grow it out again.

GD update:
So I've over the fact that I technically have GD.  I had my pity party in my previous post and am now dealing with it.  Its actually not so bad.  Other than a mild inconvenience of having to wait an hour after meals and measure my blood sugar, I can still eat a lot of things. 

I also get 2 more ultrasounds and have to go in 2x per week for non stress tests - they basically hook me up to a fetal monitor and listen for 20 minutes.  A little inconvenient on my work days (have to go over lunch) but its nice to listen to his strong heart beat.

Had one of the ultrasounds this morning - apparently his arms and legs are measuring in the 88th percentile and his head is "huge" and his belly is skinny (52nd percentile).  So basically he's tall and skinny like his dad with a huge head.  Hopefully that means he is smart too.  But the smally belly means that the GD isn't affecting his growth negatively (meaning he's not building up excess fat in his belly from the sugar).  They estimated his weight at 5lbs 2 oz now but that number can be off by a pound or so.

So, all is good.  My mom was here this weekend and I had my baby shower with my friends here (stay tuned for pics).  We sorted and organized all the baby clothes, cut off tags, and started washing stuff.  So things are coming together.  Less than 8 we go!

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