Saturday, August 11, 2012

Childbirth class summary

Sorry for my lack of blogging.  Between the twice weekly non stress tests, birth class, going to Tacoma on the weekends and changing work schedules this week, the last couple of weeks have been busy busy busy.

Andrew and I completed a two part child birth basics class this weekend offered by the hospital where we will be delivering.  The first weekend we went over signs of labor, stages of labor, pain management options, labor positions and of course we got to watch the lovely birthing video. 

My previous experience of birthing video was my sophomore year of high school where they showed a video clearly made in the 70s.  The dad had this big beard, the mom looked very hippy and was buck naked.  The woman smiled as the baby crowned and came out and I'm pretty sure she was probably high.  But that being the first time I really comprehended how a baby was born was enough to a) totally gross me out and b) make me not want to experience that as a teenager.  I think every teenage girl should watch it or some sort of really messy birth video - I would hope it would scare them into virginity.

This video we watched was quite well done.  It chronicled a couple as they labored at home and then in the hospital.  This woman had a natural birth with a midwife and it was very clean.  The did have a shot of the baby crowning but not other major shots of her private areas.  She did not look comfortable while she endured her contractions but she wasn't screaming during the pushing part.  Her husband was helpful and took great care of her.  And of course when the baby was actually born, we had 15 crying pregnant women in the room. 

This weekend's class included a tour of the hospital birthing suite, labor practice, info about post partum stuff, and breast feeding information.

I'm glad that we took it.  It was good information, good practice for figuring out good labor positions, lots of good things for us to think about when it comes to our birth plan, and to realize that all the other pregnant ladies out there are just as freaked out as I am about giving birth.

I like to think I have an open mind about labor.  I don't want to use drugs or have an epidural if I don't need to.  There are lots of side effects and I don't like the idea of being so limited in your movement and what you can eat or drink when you have an epidural.  That being said, I am certainly not opposed to having an epidural or narcotics if I feel like I can't handle the pain. 

While a c-section is not ideal, I'm all for it my provider thinks it is absolutely medically necessary.  I've already told Andrew, I will not have a c-section (and he is not allowed to let me talk him into it) as a way to "give up" or "just get it over with."  If my doctor thinks that my baby with his ginormous head is in no way going to fit through my pelvis then I will strongly consider it but it must be under the advice of my midwife.

I in no way want an episiotomy - I took a physical therapy class on pregnancy and post partum stuff last fall and the research shows that it only speeds up labor by 15 minutes and can lead to further tearing.  At this class, they compared it to tearing a sheet.  If you try and tear it on its own, its pretty tough.  If you make a small vertical cut in the sheet it will rip quite easily. 

I'm also freaked out about all the nakedness.  Obviously you have to be bottomless for baby to come out but they want you to be bare chested once baby is out so they can put him right on you for skin to skin contact.  I'm not sure I'm comfortable being completely naked for all to see.  I feel embarassed if I'm showing too much cleavage (which is a common occurence since I've gone up 2 cup sizes since becoming pregnant). 

All in all, I know that I can be my Type A (planner) self all I want but we will have to make some game day decisions.  I'm hoping that I can roll with the punches and not freak out and that when I do freak out that Andrew and my mom will help calm me down. I completely trust my midwife and know that she will put my best interest at heart.  I trust the hospital and have yet to hear of anyone having a bad experience there.  I will have a nurse whose only job that day will be to help me deliver my baby.  And, I know that God is in control.  My body was designed to do this (and by the way God, you gave me these wide hips, I sure hope they come in handy during this process).  I'm constantly amazed at how I've managed to grow this person inside of me so I hope I will be amazed at how I manage to get him out.

My Type A self is currently stressed out at all the stuff in my house.  I have bins of baby clothes in my basement, boxes for the crib and changing table taking up half my living room, and other "stuff" everywhere else. My nesting instincts are going a little nutty thinking that even though there are 6 weeks left until my due date, technically this baby may come out any time.  I still have several essential items from my registries left to purchase.  I'm hoping that I have time to finish everything before he actually arrives. 

I hear that once you have a baby, your Type A urges decrease.  I sure hope so because I may go crazy otherwise.

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