Friday, September 7, 2012

I think we are ready!

Hi friends. 

I am a terrible blogger.  I've had great intentions of blogging for the last week and it just hasn't happened.  We have been soooo busy between our house, the Tacoma house and work being so insanely crazy that it takes all my energy just to stay awake until 9pm when I get home that blogging fell to the bottom of the list.  So here is the update on our progress:

The Tacoma house is DONE!!!  Yaaaaaaaaaaay!  Thanks to my perfectionist husband who worked on it Friday, Saturday and Sunday of last weekend it is on the market and ready to rent.  Got an email from our property manager that there was even an interested tenant.  Can't wait to start getting some cash flow.

Our house is CLEAN!  Last weekend was the ultimate nesting weekend.  I have no idea how I had the energy to get this house clean - couch covers are washed, bathrooms cleaned, house dusted (to which had been embarassingly long time since I had done it), vacuumed, nursery organized, etc.  Even Charlie got a bath on Monday night.  The carpet cleaners came on Tuesday.  It feels so good to have such a clean house.  Still need to do a little cleaning in the kitchen but that can be done this week.

I (yes me the lady who is 9 months pregnant) go the crib and dresser assembled by myself!  I just needed to get it done. Andrew offered to do it but since he had stayed in Tacoma so late I just did it.  Had a minor snafoo with the dresser since the directions were terrible but managed to finish. 

Here is a sneak peek (I will post more pictures once he is born since a big part of his room is his name on one wall...)

Still have a few more finishing touches but for the most part we are ready! 


  1. Cute! Love the tree and owl above the crib!

  2. Adorable! We can't wait for the little guy to get here!