Monday, September 24, 2012

The newest love of my life!

Hi Friends!

I proudly introduce you to the newest love of my life - Sawyer David Hall

Born 9-18-12
6:51 pm
7 lbs 9 oz
20 1/2 inches long
He was born via c-section (more in his birth story in another post).  And oh goodness, are we in love with this little guy.  I'm pretty sure he's the cutest baby in the world.  I know that I'm his mommy and I'm supposed to say stuff like that but he really is cute.  Lots of dark hair and blue eyes.  I'm smitten.  As is my husband.  He loves to hold and cuddle Sawyer and has been a champ at changing diapers and swaddling.
We are home and figuring out this parent thing as we go.  Each night seems to be a little better but we both still feel sleep deprived.  But its all worth it. 
I have lots of posts to share with you all but its all I could do to get this one out today (almost a week later).  I'm on strict orders to rest so I have to go nap but I will leave you with a few more pictures of my little man.

Our first family picture
A proud daddy

Uncle JD and Aunt Becky

Grandma and Grandpa Watson

Our second family picture (I look much better in this one)

His take home outfit was WAY to big (I was expecting a 10 pound child)

Leaving the hospital

Charlie was very excited to meet Sawyer
He loves to snuggle with Mommy

His first bath at home - he handled it quite well

I love this picture - we got Sawyer little mini slippers like his Daddy's.

I will try and blog more as soon as I catch up on my sleep....

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