Saturday, September 15, 2012


Well, I'm officially on a 4 month "vacation" also known as maternity leave.  Yesterday was my last day at work.  It ended up only being a half day - my morning was full of cancels and I got caught up on paperwork and updated my patient list for the girl who is filling in for me.

I lost my plug (sorry if thats TMI for anyone) on Thursday and thought I was spotting on Friday morning (turns out it was an unrelated thing) and figured none of my patients would be surprised if they were told I was going into labor and wouldn't be there that afternoon.

So I don't have to go back to work until January.  Seems wierd to me.  But I am looking forward to staying home with my little boy.

Speaking of my little boy.....he is coming by Tuesday! 

We saw our NEW doctor this week (Dr. Wells).  Her first words when she walked in the door were "How are you?" She introduced herself "Everyone calls me Karen, please don't call me Dr. Wells" and then saw that I was a PT and said "My daughter is a PT in Great Falls Montana" to which I said "Are you kidding me? That is where I grew up!". 

I'm pretty sure that this woman was meant to be my doctor.  I LOVE her.  She is super friendly, relaxed, explains things very well and will hopefully be a calming presence in the delivery room.  She said that yes baby is big but he is proportioned well and I have a lovely shaped pelvis to push him out.  While there is a small worry of shoulder dystocia, she said "that is my job to worry about that, you shouldn't worry about that at all."

She then said we would induce next week and to pick what day I wanted to go.  I picked Tuesday because A) is the 18th and my birthday is on the 18th of December so 18 has always been kind of my lucky number and B) its sooner rather than later.

I have to go in Monday to get a catheter inserted into my cervix to start dialating.  However, since I've lost my plug I'm hoping that means I'm already starting to dialate.  Then we will go in early Tuesday to get this show on the road.

So, my mom is here.

Hospital bag is packed.

Nursery is ready.

Pack n Play is ready.

Diaper bag is ready.

Frozen meals are in process (have a couple to do today)

Charlie is clueless.

Now its the waiting game.  Its not comfortable to sleep so I'm tired which leads to me worrying which leads me to cry.  Since most everything is done there's not a lot I can do to keep myself occupied.  I may actually brave Costco today with my mom.  I'm pretty sure that I will regret that decision - Costco on a Saturday is crazy!

So friends, keep us in your prayers.  It will be a much easier process if Baby H comes on his own instead of having to be induced.  Pray for a safe and healthy delivery...and maybe that the pain isn't so bad :-)  Pray for wisdom of the doctors and nurses who are taking care of me and baby.  Pray for my husband as I'm sure this is just as scary for him as it is for me.

I can't wait to introduce you all to this little guy!

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  1. So soon! Yayyy! I will be praying! I felt like the "waiting game" was the hardest part, you just never know when the show will get on the road, I had a couple weeks of "vacation" before Peyt was born and I read the 5th, 6th, and 7th Harry Potter books because I just didn't know what else to do. But it won't be long until you get to hold that sweet boy! Can't wait to see pictures!