Thursday, October 18, 2012

One Month!

Sawyer is officially one month old.  Can time slow down a little?  This month has gone by so fast!  I love this newborn stage and all the snuggle time.

We had our one month well baby check with Dr. Irwin today and Sawyer was determined to be perfect.  He only got one shot today - had a shocked/cry face that got red, didn't breath for about 5 seconds, let out a good scream, cried for about 30 seconds and then he was good.  Thats my tough little boy.  I hear next months shots are pretty brutal.  Not looking forward to it.

Size:  9 lbs 7 oz (50th-75th%), 22 in long (75th %) and head 15 in (50th %).  Definitely like his daddy.  He's gained almost 2 lbs since birth and 12oz in just one week!  He still seems small but when we compare him to his buddy Soren who is only a week old he definitely seems bigger.  He is mostly too long for newborn stuff (especially anything with feet) but 3 month stuff is too big so we are putting him in the limited amounth of 0-3 month clothes that we have.  I'm so tempted to go shopping and just buy him a bunch of clothes but I know he will outgrow it all before he wears in more than twice.

Developmental Milestones:  He can hold his head up for a few seconds and is starting to focus his eyes more.  When playing on his activity mat the other day he actually reached for the toys above him and touched them several times.  It is possible this was purely coincidental but I will claim that he is an overachiever like his mommy.  No social smiles yet (only gassy smiles in his sleep) but I can't wait for this to start because he is so stinking cute when he smiles.

caught a bit of a smile here

Eating: Sawyer is making great strides in the breast feeding department.  We visited a lactation nurse at the hospital since I was still having so much pain breast feeding and needing to use a nipple shield.  She thought that he may be slightly tongue tied and could benefit from a frenotomy (where they clip the tissue under the tongue that is too tight) or physical therapy for suck training (as a PT, I did not know this exists but would love to learn and observe more about it).  She also said most babies grow out of it and the issue will resolve on its own.  I can use the shield for my own comfort but he has no issues latching.  I feel like its gotten better over the last week and I don't have much pain even when feeding without the shield so maybe we can get through this.  Grandma Hall who is a lactation nurse is coming in today and will give him a full evaluation (between all the cuddles and snuggles).  He eats pretty consistently every 3-4 hours - usually when he's fussy its because he's hungry.

Sleeping:  Not bad actually.  He usually feeds around 10:30 or 11, wakes around 2:30 or 3 to eat, then sleeps until 6:30 or 7.  We have gotten a couple 4 hour stretches over the last couple of nights and when he does eat in the middle of the night he goes right back to sleep.  We are trying the "eat, wake, sleep" BabyWise philosophy so I try and keep him awake after feeding during the day before putting him down for a nap. We are also working on putting him in bed when he is drowsy but not yet asleep so he gets used to going to sleep in his bed vs falling asleep on someone.  BUT, I still love snuggling with him so he still falls asleep in my arms quite a bit :-)

Likes/Dislikes:  He loves his WubbaNub, eating, and snuggling in fuzzy blankets.  He does not like being naked, hungry, naked AND hungry, or having a dirty diaper.  For the most part he is a pretty content baby.

Its been one of the most emotional and exhausting but very best months of my entire life.  I fall in love with my little boy more and more each day.  While I wish time would slow down, I look forward to watching him grow and see his personality develop.  I'm a happy mommy.

my new favorite photo

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  1. Sarah, he is just so darling! I love the picture of Charlie watching over him! So glad you are having the time of your life with your baby boy.