Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lessons Learned - Roadtrip with an infant

We traveled to my parents house in Montana for Thanksgiving.  We couldn't find a dog sitter so we ended up driving with both the baby and the dog.  On the way there we broke it up into two trips - went to Spokane Monday night and then onto Great Falls the next day.  On the way back we marathoned it and did the whole trip in one day.  Here are a few things I learned from this experience:

- Traveling with an infant automatically adds another 3-4 hours on to your trip.

- You can hurt your back turning too many times to give a kid a pacifier (its a good thing I've taught my husband some of my PT tricks)

- Public restrooms with clean changing tables are important.  Even better, changing tables with a hook or shelf to set your diaper bag on so you don't have to set it on the dirty floor.  Buffalo Wild Wings had the nicest restroom and a shelf with hooks right next to it. Yet another reason to love BWW.

Sawyer got his first Buffalo Wild Wings experience in Missoula

- Most places don't have changing tables in the men's restroooms - it must be difficult for single dads or those travelling alone to get their kids' diapers changed.

- Most towns have a McDonalds - not all McDonalds are big enough to find a place to sit and breastfeed.  Case in point - Kellog, Idaho.  Stopped there but the 5 tables that were in the place were packed.  Ended up changing a diaper, ordering a cheeseburger, and listening to hungry screams for another 20 miles to Couer d'Aline.

-If all else fails, breast feed in the car.  Just make sure to have a jacket or other cover up as to not flash perfect strangers who park next to you.

- Don't forget the bouncy chair!  We forgot ours and its hard to find a good place to put your kid in a hotel or at the grandparents house (with three kids and two dogs) while you are eating dinner or can't hold him.  We ended up buying one at Target and will never forget it again.

Charlie made sure to guard Sawyer from all the commotion at Grandma and Grandpas house

All in all, we had a great trip.  The return trip took a total of 14 hours - stops to feed about every three hours.  Sawyer was a champ for the most part and we had minimal bouts of screaming and only one need for an outfit change.  Fortunately the blow out diaper in that case happened while I was carrying him and about to change him instead of in his carseat.   

Thanksgiving with my family was awesome.  My nephews and niece loved trying to get Sawyer to smile at them or grasp their fingers. My mom loved the snuggle time with all the grandkids.  We did some black friday shopping which is way better in Montana instead of Seattle (less people although still crowded).

Sawyer had his own little outfit for Thanksgiving and he was so cute!  I very thankful for my little boy and my amazing husband.

I love the turkey slippers

Grandma was playing peek a boo with him

My friend Amy made him this hand made onesie with a VT colored bow tie.  He wore it for about an hour before he pooped on it. 

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  1. We learned the "no changing tables in mens rooms" the hard way. Ryan was on a road trip with an 18 month old Peyt, in the snow, with a loaded down car for Christmas and had to change her in the parking lot standing up in the snow. Chick-fil-A usually has a table in the mens room, now that we have 2 kids, we almost always stop there because they are definitely the most kid friendly. But you all probably don't have that many Chick-Fil-A options out there.