Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mid Week Confessions

Sorry for my exhausted, depressing post earlier this week about my lack of sleep.  Things have been better the last couple of days especially in the nap department (which has also allowed Mommy to nap here and there) and night sleeping is still variable.

But its Wednesday so time for mid week confessions!

- I got back into running this week.  Had to find a super supportive sports bra to contain the watermelons attached to the front of my body these days.  It's possible I strained my rotator cuff trying to get it hooked this morning.

- I am so out of shape.  I told myself I would try and maintain my endurance during pregnancy even with walking.  That didn't happen and I am paying the price.

-Someone at church subtly asked to hold Sawyer a couple weeks ago.  Its a lady who I sort of know but not well and wasn't even sure of her name.  I made up an excuse and said I would be right back and then avoided her until we had to leave.  A) I really don't want him exposed to a bunch of germs right now and B)you don't ask someone to hold their newborn baby.  If they offer the baby to you its one thing but never ask (especially a first time mommy). 

-I'm officially on the "Lose the Baby Weight" project.  It doesn't help that as I type I am eating graham crackers and frosting.  But I ran this morning so its all good right?

-I've been watching Greys Anatomy on netflix during the day when I'm nursing or Sawyer is napping.  I hope his first word isn't "McDreamy".


  1. Love the comment about the watermelons. Been there, done that. Miserable.

    I can't believe you are running - already! It has been sixteen months since Sam was born and I'm still using pregnancy as an excuse. :)

    Breastfeeding is PLENTY of diet. Leave it at that.

  2. oh my goodness, if you ever need to talk Grey (Anatomy not 50 Shades) I'm.your.girl.
    LOVE that show - what season are you on? don't want to spoil anything.

    and E's right - nursing is all the diet you need.


    1. I'm a loyal Greys fan since the beginning so I'm all caught up and don't miss a single new episode. I've just been going back on Netflix and watching the old seasons.