Friday, November 9, 2012

Social gatherings

Things definitely change when you have kids.  Our friends Noah and Ali came over last night.  Their little guy Soren is 3 weeks younger than Sawyer (you may recall that Ali was my belly buddy during pregnancy).

We all hang out on a relatively regular basis for various events.  They are in our small group and we all go to the same church so we see them at least twice a week but we often get together on weekends for dinner or what not.

Prior to children, they would come to our house, we would have dinner, maybe a drink, listen to music, talk and laugh about lots of things and the party would shut down between 11 and midnight.  It was relaxing and chill and fun.

Boy how things have changed.

They came over last night around 7, discussion included poop, sleep schedules, boobs (in terms of breast feeding), baby swings, swaddling, and some conversation about ipad vs surface vs kindle.  I breast fed Sawyer, Ali breast fed Soren (with our nursing covers of course).  We did drink some wine and had home made apple crisp.  They headed out about 9:30 since they had gotten Soren to sleep which would make an easier car ride home.  Aren't we an exciting group of people?  I'm guessing this will be our social life for the next few months.

Speaking of exciting, Sawyer started social smiling this week!  I've gotten several purposeful smiles at Mommy.  It melts my heart.  I managed to capture at least one on my iphone and look forward to getting LOTS more with the good camera in coming weeks/months/years.

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