Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The gift of giving

Several blogs that I follow are doing give-aways right now - some are for cash, some are for stuff.  But my friend Elizabeth is doing a get and give away.  She's giving away several items as well as giving $100 to the charity of the winner's choice.

While I hope to win (and promoting this on my blog gets me an additional entry), I also thought this would be a good opportunity to share with you all one of our favorite organizations.  If I win, this is where my donation will go.

Intermountain Childrens Home

Most of you who don't know my dad have likely never heard of this organization.  It is a home and school for children who have suffered from severe emotion, physical, or sexual abuse.  Many of these children have been in the foster system or may have been removed from their homes.  Most have experienced things that are unimaginable and that no human should ever experience, much less a child.  They are unable to form healthy relationships with adults, unable to trust others and therefore have severe emotional disturbances and behaviors.

Intermountain provides a unique solution.  Many children become residents of the school for anywhere from 15-24 months.  They are treated by an inter-disciplinary approach that includes pschiatrists, psycholgists, therapists, special education teachers and nurses.  They live in cottages where there are primary male and female counselors that live with them as well as other children.  Their first objective is to help the children feel emotionally and physically safe as well as begin to learn what healthy relationships are like.  Eventually the goal is for the children to return to their families or have a successful foster placement and be able to express their feelings and form relationships in a healthy way.

My dad tells the story of a little girl who had been severely sexually abused at age 5 and she didn't know how to have a non sexual relationship with an adult man.  At Intermountain, she had a male counselor that she had to live and work with. They encourage the kids to be able to hold hands with the counselors as they walk around the facility.  She was too afraid at first so she held on to the back of his shirt until she felt comfortable enough to hold his hand.

Its a truly amazing organization that helps children from all over the country.  I can't even begin to do justice describing all that it does, but if you want more info I can direct you to the right people.  I am so proud of my dad for making this his passion and his service as President of the Board of Directors over the past couple of years.  Andrew and I love to support Intermountain on a regular basis but also give in honor of people as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. 

Do you have someone who you are struggling to find a gift for?  Maybe someone who already has everything?  Think about donating to a charity in their honor.  And if you don't have a charity of choice, consider Intermountain.  I have toured the facility, met kids who are enrolled there, conversed with members of the organization and board.  Everyone who is involved with this place is truly passionate about the mission and vision.  They are doing great things in the lives of kids. 

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  1. Thank you SO much for posting this and sharing about an amazing charity! :)