Tuesday, January 1, 2013

East Coast Christmas - Sawyer's Version

Hi Mommy's friends!  Mommy has been busy since our trip and caught a little cold so I told her I would fill in and tell you all about our trip to the East coast for Christmas.

Mommy was really worried about how I would be on the plane.  I was so excited to fly that I wore myself out and slept through the first half of the flight.  I smiled at the lady sitting next to me who was a grandma going to see her granddaughter for the first time.  My ears hurt when we started heading down but once Mommy let me eat they got better.

When we landed, I met Daddy's best friend AJ who picked us up at the airport.  I decided that I don't like traffic in Washington DC.  It took us so long to get to Grandma's house.  I got really hungry and had to let everyone know that I was not happy.  We pulled into the Marine Corps Museum parking lot and Mommy fed me.  But all the stop and go traffic after that wasn't good on my tummy and I threw up all over my car seat.  After Mommy and Daddy cleaned me up, we drove a little more and I finally got to see Grandma Hall.  She was so excited to see me.  The next day she and I hung out while Mommy and Daddy finished their Christmas shopping.

Grandma makes me laugh!

I'm a big boy sitting all by myself

Grandma took me to the hospital where she works to show me off to all her co workers.  I smiled and flirted until I got hungry.  Grandma weighed me on her special scale and we found out I weigh 14 lbs and 5 oz!  I'm getting so big!

On Friday I got to meet my Aunt Susanna - she let me nap in her arms and it was super comfy.  Her dog Chloe looks different than Charlie and her bark sometimes woke me up but I like her anyway - especially when she snuggled next to me on the sofa.

Me and Auntie Susanna

Me and Chloe

The shirt says it all...

Grandma and Grandpa showed me off at church on Sunday and I did my best to smile at everyone.  But my tummy wasn't feeling good so I was a little cranky for some of the service.  But I didn't have to sit through a sermon because a lady fainted while we were singing!  Fortunately, Grandma is a nurse and she and Mommy helped take care of the lady until the paramedics showed up. 

Then we were off to Pennsylvania to meet the rest of the family.  I found out at a rest stop in Maryland that my tummy hurt because I needed to poop.  I let it all out after I ate and Mommy said its the biggest poop I have ever had!  She had to change my outfit so it was a good thing she had packed extra clothes for me.  That night we had dinner with friends of Grandmas and then went to Daddy's cousins house.

On Christmas Eve I got to meet lots of family that I hadn't met before.  All the girls seem to like it when I smile at them.  There were lots of people there which made it hard for me to take a nap so I got a little cranky but once I slept for a little bit I was much happier.  Daddy's cousins even brought their chocolate lab Ronon to the house - he looks just like Charlie and liked to lick my face.  But it didn't bother me because Charlie licks me all the time.  Everybody gave me lots of presents that night.  I was too tired to open them so Mommy opened them for me.  My family is very generous and got me lots of great things.  Then we went to Christmas Eve services but I was so tired that I couldn't stay awake.
Me and Laura - she is Ronon's (the chocolate lab) mom
Me and my cousin Jessie

Christmas morning, Mommy was really happy because Daddy Santa gave her a special ring she had wanted. It has a sapphire in it which is my birthstone.  She had put it on her Christmas Wish List.  Santa must read her blog.  I met more family and got more presents later that day and gave mommy a gift of taking a 3 hour nap so she could enjoy Christmas dinner of Prime Rib.  After dinner we said our good byes and headed back to Virginia to avoid heavy traffic.  I gave Mommy another gift and slept the entire 4 hour drive home.

Santa was here!

The day after Christmas we had another present opening fest where I got lots of gifts from Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Susanna.  My favorites are the recordable books from Grandma and Grandpa.  Mommy and I read/listen to them at night before I go to bed.  Opening presents really wears me out!  Then I got to see AJ again along with his wife Lauren and their kids Andrew and Liam who will be my good friends - especially when I get big enough to play with them!  They stayed for dinner and Grandpa made ribs - Mommy says that Grandpa's ribs will be my favorite food someday.

Me and Mommy - I love her lots!

I'm so spoiled!

Our last morning in Virgina, Mommy and Daddy went to breakfast with AJ and Lauren and I got some quality smile time in with Grandma and Grandpa and Susanna.  We all went to lunch before we went to the airport.  I got super sleepy on the airplane and slept through most of our 5 hour flight.  Mommy was so proud of me.

Then, the next day, my other Grandma and Grandpa came from Montana!  Its been a Grandma-pa-looza!  I love my Grandmas. 

We've been hanging out with Aunt Becky and Uncle JD and my cousins Reid, Keaton, and Lyla over the last couple days.  We got even more presents at the Watson family Christmas.  Mommy and Daddy feel incredibly blessed by the generosity of our families and that we have such fun when hanging out with our families on both sides. 

Mommy hopes that you all had a wonderful Christmas season celebrating Jesus' birth.  I don't quite get all the hype yet or understand why I'm supposed to be excited by the guy in the red suit with the beard but Mommy says that I will get really excited about Christmas in the next couple of years.  I hope that I learn to enjoy the time I get to spend with my family who loves each other like Mommy does. 

Happy New Year!

Mommy told me that she is working on a post of her goals for 2013 to share with all of you.

My goal is to fit my entire hand in my mouth.  I'm so close!

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