Monday, January 14, 2013

Organize It Challenge :: Scarf rack

Happy Monday Friends!

Today I'm linking up with AP at I Love You More Than Carrots as well as 8 other bloggers for an organize it challenge. 

I, like many others, strive to be organized.  Or as organized as possible with an infant in the house.  So for this project I went somewhat small but its something I've wanted to do for a while.

I originally got this idea from my sister-in-law but I'm sure its all over Pinterest somewhere.  Its a scarf rack!

My scarves normally look something like this:
on the door handle

on a hanger - don't judge the rest of my messy closet.

They get lost in my closet or buried under each other, fall off the hangers, get tangled with each other and its a pain. 

But, there is an easy solution.  All you need is a towel rack and some shower curtain hangers. 

I got a this towel rack for $17.99 and the shower curtain hooks for $2.99 at Target.  I opted for black plastic hooks but you could easily upgrade to nicer metal hooks if you so desire.

My lovely husband installed the towel rack for me and then it was easy to attach the hooks and organize my scarves.  I just love the way it looks

The finished product
I'm sure you could get the other style of hooks and hang belts or jewelry - that may be the next project....I'm on a roll now

If you are inspired by this project, please pin it to your own Pinterest page, and check out APs blog for more organizing ideas.

Happy Organizing!!

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