Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random Thoughts and hashtags

I recently joined Twitter (follow me @fortheHallofit) - I know I'm a couple years late and Twitter probably isn't even cool anymore.  But in honor of twitter,  I added some hashtags to the end of my thoughts....now its just practicing getting them down to 140 characters...

- Whoever came up with buttons and zippers on pants has obviously never been pregnant.  I never knew that buttons on jeans could be quite so uncomfortable.  As I'm beginning to squeeze into wear regular jeans again and my C-section pooch (and the 15 lbs I'm still carrying) makes all my jeans fit weird.  #maternitypantsforlife

- Sawyer has officially hit the 4 month sleep regression.  My sweet little boy who slept for nearly 11 hours with only one middle of the night feeding has now begun waking every 2-3 hours and refusing to stay swaddled.  My husband tries to help but usually Mommy is the only one who can calm him.  And it comes down when my  in-laws come to town for 10 days which does not help my stress level.  #thekidhasgreattiming

- A friend of mine posted on Facebook asking how other peoples kids responded to vaccines and I'm surprised by all the people who still think vaccinations are a bad idea.  Seriously?  We have gotten rid of many diseases (which can be potentially fatal to children) through these vaccines.  I have yet to see any solid research that says that vaccines are dangerous.  The one article that linked vaccines to autism was disproven and the lead researcher admitted that the results were altered.  Yes, certain people may have adverse reactions but of the hundreds of thousands if not millions of kids who have been vaccinated many (such as myself) have grown up to be perfectly well adjusted people #justmyopinion 

- Miss New York won Miss America a couple of weeks ago. According to the Miss America website, her scholastic ambition was to get a degree in cosmetics and fragrance marketing.  I can just imagine the final exam being at the makeup counter at Nordstroms: What is this lip color?  A) Dusty Rose B) Light Rose C) Sunset Pink D) Cotton Candy #lamemajorevenifyouaremissamerica

-Speaking of Miss America, Miss Wyoming totally got the shaft.  Wyoming (who never ever gets into the top 15) was awesome this year.  The girl raises goats, composed her own song on the piano, and her evening gown was the most interesting.  Plus, she wants to be a pediatric physical therapist.  #physicaltherapistsareawesome

- I love it when my patients say "whatever you think, you are the therapist" and then when I tell them what my diagnosis or plan is, they tell me that I'm wrong and that it won't work.  #imadoctorandyouarenot

-My college keeps sending me post cards and emails to update my alumni info since they are printing a new alumni directory.  I finally get around to doing so only to find out they want to charge me $99 for a copy.  A) Its a small college (about 900 students) - if I really needed someone's info,  I could probably email the alumni folks directly and get it and B) doesn't Facebook already serve this purpose?  #Idratherspendmymoneyoncuteshoes

Here's to learning how to tweet!