Friday, February 22, 2013

Reality Show Roundup

I have to say that I enjoy reality shows.  I've watched many over the years and my favorites are more geared towards competition involving skill and talent vs those that are mostly just for drama.  So, I thought I'd share my opinions on this season's shows.

I have watched The Bachelor/Bachelorette in the past and made a conscious choice to quit watching.  It drove me crazy that they all just made out with each other and the guy would tell each girl how much he liked them etc.  Plus, I feel (as with many shows) that the novelty has worn off.  People audition - and producers choose them - to be the dramatic attention grabbing person on purpose.  Its so full of drama and artificiality and I would get so emotionally involved that I just had to quit.  I usually have an idea of what's happening on The Bachelor through other blogs or People magazine (I subscribe) but I don't actually watch it.

*if you do watch, I'm not judging you - just stating why I choose not to watch

I've also in the past watched American Idol.  I was a dedicated watcher Seasons 2-8.  I was SHOCKED when Daughtry was voted off and thought David Cook was definitely the right choice over Archuletta.  However, the last few seasons I've just gotten bored.  Nobody is original anymore and with all the judging changes I just am not interested.  Plus, its two nights of TV and Andrew (the man who has more audio books on his ipod vs music) doesn't care to watch either.  When I started skipping episodes I really didn't miss it so I haven't kept up.


Dancing with the Stars - I will watch this occasionally if I really like one of the celebrity contestants.  But its so much TV to watch (2 hours on Monday, another hour on Tuesday) and we had too many other shows at the same time so I usually don't watch it. On a side note, if I was ever a celebrity and on that show I would want Derek as my partner - he is amazing and always choreographs numbers to emphasize his partners strengths and not to show off his own skills (*cough cough Mark Ballas*).

Currently, I'm watching a few reality shows - Biggest Loser, Top Chef and Project Runway.  I usually DVR them and watch them on my days off while Sawyer naps (currently watching Project Runway from last night while I write this).  Here are my thoughts:

Biggest Loser:
First things first - Gina has GOT TO GO!  She drives me insane!  She acts like a 5 year old and throws a tantrum when she doesn't get her way or someone hurts her feelings.  She's lost a lot of weight but I have a feeling that she would be a person who could gain it all back because she's not addressing the real issues of why she is the way she is.

This week Jillian (so glad she's back!) wanted somebody to be able to run for 5 minutes on the treadmill at 5.5 or 6 mph.  I couldn't believe that no one could do it.  I'm in terrible shape but I could run for 5 minutes (granted, I wasn't in the middle of an intensive grueling workout and very well would have done the same thing).  I love that Jillian freaked out at the other trainers.

I was bummed that Francelina went home.  I suspected last week that there was something going on with her and Jeff since Jeff didn't vote for her.  I don't see them as a couple but if they are happy who am I to judge.  I love her attitude and hope that she can continue to lose weight (and become a doctor!) on her own.

I'm totally on Team Danni.  That girl is a rock star and I love that she chose to run the mile with Sunni during the kids challenge.  I hope that she makes it to the finale and wins it all.  She is a hard worker and doesn't complain.

I wish this show was on every day and I could watch it while I worked out....that would require me to actually work out on a daily basis which would be good for me too.  I'm always so motivated to work out when I watch.

Seriously - if Jillian yelled at me like she does the contestants I would weigh 120 lbs.  I love her!

Top Chef
This season was extra fun because it was in Seattle.  I wish I could have been at some of the events (which all took place over the summer when they filmed) because the food looked amazing.

The first part of the finale was this week and the top three ended up being Brooke, Sheldon and Kristen.  This is the first season of Top Chef that I've watched where I really would be happy if any of the people won.  And it got narrowed down to Kristen and Brooke so it will be a female winner this season.


Project Runway
I really haven't enjoyed this season and the team challenges.  Part of it could be that I hate conflict so all the drama that goes along with team challenges drives me crazy and makes me uncomfortable.  And I miss Michael Kors along with his Jewish euphemisms.  Zac Posen is just too nice....and kind of girly.

There's no one person that I really like so far and its because the teams make it hard to see people's true aesthetic and work.  The challenges have been interesting - I liked the flowers and hardware one as the non traditional challenge. 

Joe was crazy so I'm glad they got rid of him.  No actual woman wants to wear ginormous futuristic clothes.  Benjamin (blond Australian dude) drives me crazy with his attitude and he's constantly in panic mode.  Daniel is getting entirely too cocky and it was nice to see him get a little dose of humility in the bottom this week.  I can't decide if Patricia is genius or a little too into the Native American thing...


All in all, I watch too much TV. 

What about you?  Any reality shows you are addicted to?  What are your thoughts on Lose, Top Chef, and Project Runway? 

Monday, February 18, 2013

5 Month Update

Sawyer is 5 months old!  I feel like I was just writing is 4 month post (and 1 month post for that matter).  My boy is so much fun these days.  While I miss my snuggly newborn, I love the smiles, giggles and new discoveries.  We've had a few firsts this month - our first head injury, our first cold with fever and cough, and our first day with the nanny.  Fortunately, he's come through with flying colors.

No doctor visit this month so we don't have "official" measurements but I would guess he's in the 18 lb range and between 26 and 27 inches.  Some of our 6 month jammies are starting to get a little short in the length department.  He's still mostly in 6 month clothes (Carters) but may be moving up to 9 month jammies soon.  He tends to get a little belly first and then grows in length and the belly goes away.  We've also moved up to size 3 diapers which is nice because they last all night (granted its about a 5 pound diaper in the morning).  He's heavy enough now that its difficult to hold him for long periods of time especially in the car seat.  I bought a snap and go frame to keep in my car for when we go to our parent baby class or doctors appointments.  On the plus side, a heavy baby equals cool mommy biceps.

Developmental milestones
Sawyer can now tripod sit and his core strength is definitely improving.  He is capable of rolling over both ways but doesn't know how to do it purposefully.  He's much better at grabbing toys with one or both hands and has even transferred toys hand to hand a couple of times.  He has recently discovered his feet and is a big fan of grabbing his toes.  He also loves to giggle - if you laugh at him he will laugh back.  So much fun!  He continues to be a chatter box and more recently has been practicing what I call his Wookie noises (gurgling).  No teeth yet but they are coming - the kid drools like nobody's business and he chomps on everything he can get to his mouth.  He loves to chew on his hands which made our photo shoot a little difficult....


Sawyer continues to be a breast milk only baby.  I'm so fortunate to have such a great milk supply even after going back to work.  He seems to be taking a bottle well from Andrew or our nanny Nicole.  We will probably be starting solids in the next month - I've already started getting things ready including getting a high chair as well as a silicone feeder thing that I read about here.

We had a minor hiccup right after our 4 month shots where he was waking up every couple of hours and busting out of the swaddle.  We've since started double swaddling where we put him in the Velcro SwaddleMe, then inside the sleep sack that also has a swaddle.  That seems to hold him.  He goes to bed around 7:30, is usually up around 3 to eat, and then sleeps until 7 ish.   His day time schedule is still a little variable but its pretty obvious when he needs to eat and when he needs to nap.  I'm hoping to establish a bit more of a set routine in the next month.

Likes and Dislikes
Sawyer likes tummy time much more (although he will still fuss if you leave him there too long).  He likes his Jumperoo and Bumbo seat too.  His favorite toy is his Nuby key ring (which will also be nice when he starts teething since it can go in the freezer).  He laughs when you give him Eskimo kisses or if I pretend to eat his hands.  He also loves to "fly". He still doesn't like getting his nose cleaned out with the snot sucker and is sometimes quite the cranky boy when he wakes up from a nap.

All in all, he's a pretty content little kiddo.  We take him out and about with us and he rarely fusses unless he's hungry.  He likes to look at new people and things and can sleep most anywhere. I'm really having a lot of fun with him at this stage.

Our nanny has started too and we love her.  She does a great job taking care of our boy and its calming for me to know he's in such great hands while I'm at work.  I think and hope that Nicole will be our nanny for years to come and that Sawyer and Levi (Nicole's 2 1/2 month old) will be good buddies growing up.

Here are a few more pictures from the last month:

My boys

His contemplative look

Charlie provides good tummy time entertainment and encouragement


Happy Boy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hash it out with Hashtags

Hi friends.  I'm sorry that I haven't blogged much.  I've basically been a single mom due to Andrew being out of town and then getting sick so its been a little busy with me doing most of the child care.  He is feeling much better so who gets to sleep in tomorrow - me!

I really enjoyed my Random Thoughts and Hashtags post last week.  I got to use sarcastic humor and mockery which are two of my favorite things.  So I think I am going to make this a regular series.  I need to create a fancy button for it....

So, here we go!

- I think Starbucks should hire me to be the Coffee Nazi.  When people take entirely too long to order their drinks, I would get to yell "No Coffee for you!" at them and send them away (or at least to the back of the line).  Seriously - the woman in front of me on Saturday was going on and on about no foam and the barista who was actually making drinks rang up 3 people while she was asking questions to the other person. Then she asked the barista as he was making my drink all the same questions she asked the girl taking her order.  #don'tgetbetweenmeandmycoffee

-Starbucks experience #2 - was driving through on my way to Costco and the woman in front of me was yelling at the poor girl at the window demanding to speak to a manager.  I couldn't figure out exactly what the problem was but the customer was extremely rude.  When I pulled up, they gave my my drink for free because I had been waiting too long.  I appreciated it even though I would have been perfectly happy to pay for my coffee.  The coffee drive through is no place to vent your issues lady.  This is where my job as Coffee Nazi would come in handy.  #tiredmommyneedscoffee

- Our nanny started this week and she is ah-ma-zing. She has a two month old that she brings with her.  She texts me updates throughout the day and manages to get both kids to sleep at the same time.  I am so blessed. #supernanny

- I uploaded photos from my camera and I have to say that Sawyer is pretty darn cute....



- I know I had several other of these little quips to include but I can't remember.  I will get them next time.  #sleepdeprived  #gottaremembertowritethingsdown

So, what about all of you?  Got any hash it out moments this week? Leave me a comment and don't forget to add your #hashtag!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bad Mommy day

Today was the worst day of my Mommy career as of yet. 

It really wasn't that terrible and I'm sure I will have worse days in the future but still, it took its toll on me.

I had started writing this post about this weekend and how I just needed to decompress and didn't "feel like" being a mom that day (and the mommy guilt that accompanied such thoughts).  Well, I've since abandoned that post and glad I didn't ever get around to finishing it because it was plain selfishness and I feel even worse about it after what happened today.

We were at parent-baby class today - there was a speaker talking about baby sign language and then we were sitting around talking about working and being a mom.  I've really enjoyed these classes mainly because I find that other moms are going through the same things I am so its nice to have that camaraderie.  I used to go to the Tuesday class but had to change to the Wednesday class since going back to work.  I'm still getting to know the moms in my class but my old Tuesday leader was filling in today.

Anyway, I was sitting on the floor with Sawyer and he was standing and holding on to my fingers.  All of the sudden he let go....and fell backwards before I could catch him....and his head bounced off the floor. 

Worst. Moment. Ever. 

I swear it happened in slow motion.  If there had been a camera on my face I'm sure my eyes would have been as big as dinner plates and my mouth would have been mouthing "Nooooooo!".

Sawyer of course screamed and I picked him up and held him saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."  I know that everyone felt terribly sorry for me.  I was actually a little embarrassed that it happened in front of other moms - like they were all judging me or something.

Anyway. he cried for several minutes and then spent another 10 minutes just whimpering - my heart broke into little pieces with each whimper. 

As soon as I got out to the car I Googled (yes Googled - no time for Microsoft loyalty in times of crisis) signs of baby concussions.  One of them is drowsiness.  Well, Sawyer fell asleep on the way home - however, he hadn't really napped much since he got up so was due.  It could have been perfectly normal..,  but when I got home I called the nurse line at the pediatricians office and when they called me back the call woke Sawyer up and he was a little fussy.  The nurse said because he was under 6 months that it would be a good idea to check him out.  They had an opening in 30 minutes so I took it.

Well, Sawyer was due to eat so we fed him and then headed to see the doctor.  He turned into his charming little self and flirted with the doctor.  She checked him out and gave him a clean bill of health.  She said to watch for fussiness or vomiting more than normal and to call if anything else came up.

We came home and Sawyer and I snuggled for a while and he took a couple hour nap and appears to be fine.

As for me?  I'm emotionally drained.  I didn't want to put him to bed tonight - I just wanted to hold him.  I'm sure I will be checking on him multiple times.  Taking him to the doctor was probably better for me than it was for him.  And I just want to put him in a protective bubble so he will never get hurt again.  I know that he's a boy and this is likely the first of many head bumps but sheesh!  What am I going to be like when he wants to play football? I'm guessing I will need a prescription for some Valium.

On a completely separate note, I drove through Starbucks today and they have a new video monitor when you are ordering.   So you can see the person you are talking to over the intercom.  I was considering getting a pastry with my coffee but somehow I thought the barista would judge me because I could see him instead of talking anonymously into the box....maybe I have issues.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Love It Challenge :: Rice Krispy Treat Kisses

Its Monday kids and I'm doing another link up party for the Dog Days (of Winter) Are Over.

Most of us are recovering from the food fest that is a Super Bowl Party.  The particular party that I attend every year is called the "Weigh In, Weight Out" Party. Several attendees (mostly of the male species) compete to see who can gain the most weight during the game. This year was the 10th anniversary of the party.  Its not a simple pig out fest either - there are several rules regarding liquid restrictions and some interesting strategy that takes place.  And, of course, there is a trophy. I have been reluctantly displaying showcasing this trophy for the last two years as my husband is the reigning champion.  But my days of trophy dusting are over as a new champion was crowned with a gain of 10.2 lbs.  Congrats to Jack.

This party holds a particularly special place in my heart - 4 years ago at this very party I met my husband for the first time.  It was a set up that I knew about (my sister in law had been trying to get me to meet Andrew for several months) but he didn't.  We met, chatted, he Facebook friended me when he got home that night and 6 months later we were engaged. 

I was telling Andrew on the way to the party that 4 years ago I was all "dressed up" in my awesome designer jeans and carefully selected jewelry trying to pull off the "I just threw this on but it really took days of careful planning and I'm hot" look while this year I changed into sweats because my non maternity jeans that I'm forcing myself to wear were just too uncomfortable.  And I might have also been covered in baby drool.  What a difference 4 years and a baby makes.

Anyway, for today's Love It link up party, I made a treat that I originally saw on Pinterest - Rice Krispy Treat Kisses.  These are super cute and fun and would be a very cute idea for a kids classroom Valentines Day party.  Maybe I could take them to parent baby class - its the closest thing I have to such and event.

Its simple, all you need are your Rice Krispy Treat ingredients, a funnel, and some tin foil.

Make your treats, let them cool slightly, press mixture into a funnel sprayed with cooking spray, let cool further on a pan and wrap in tin foil.  I also printed out some little paper strips to say Happy Valentine's Day in a Word document on the computer.
Easy. Cute. Fun. Yummy. 
Its a perfect Valentine's treat.  So, whip up a batch for your boyfriend, husband, kids, or coworkers this Valentine's day.  They may even get you something in return...
If you like this project, please pin it!  Also, check out some of the other blogs that are involved in the link up party - I Love You More Than Carrots, House of Rose, The Francis Family and others.  If you go to one you can see all the other projects.  Good Stuff.
Now lets get ready for Spring Training to start!