Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hash it out with Hashtags

Hi friends.  I'm sorry that I haven't blogged much.  I've basically been a single mom due to Andrew being out of town and then getting sick so its been a little busy with me doing most of the child care.  He is feeling much better so who gets to sleep in tomorrow - me!

I really enjoyed my Random Thoughts and Hashtags post last week.  I got to use sarcastic humor and mockery which are two of my favorite things.  So I think I am going to make this a regular series.  I need to create a fancy button for it....

So, here we go!

- I think Starbucks should hire me to be the Coffee Nazi.  When people take entirely too long to order their drinks, I would get to yell "No Coffee for you!" at them and send them away (or at least to the back of the line).  Seriously - the woman in front of me on Saturday was going on and on about no foam and the barista who was actually making drinks rang up 3 people while she was asking questions to the other person. Then she asked the barista as he was making my drink all the same questions she asked the girl taking her order.  #don'tgetbetweenmeandmycoffee

-Starbucks experience #2 - was driving through on my way to Costco and the woman in front of me was yelling at the poor girl at the window demanding to speak to a manager.  I couldn't figure out exactly what the problem was but the customer was extremely rude.  When I pulled up, they gave my my drink for free because I had been waiting too long.  I appreciated it even though I would have been perfectly happy to pay for my coffee.  The coffee drive through is no place to vent your issues lady.  This is where my job as Coffee Nazi would come in handy.  #tiredmommyneedscoffee

- Our nanny started this week and she is ah-ma-zing. She has a two month old that she brings with her.  She texts me updates throughout the day and manages to get both kids to sleep at the same time.  I am so blessed. #supernanny

- I uploaded photos from my camera and I have to say that Sawyer is pretty darn cute....



- I know I had several other of these little quips to include but I can't remember.  I will get them next time.  #sleepdeprived  #gottaremembertowritethingsdown

So, what about all of you?  Got any hash it out moments this week? Leave me a comment and don't forget to add your #hashtag!

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