Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mid Week Confessions

Its Wednesday kids and I'm once again linking up with E over at E Myself and I for some mid week confessions.  I will say that since Sawyer has been sleeping better (Praise the Lord!) my confessions aren't as full of sleep deprived angst as they were last week.

Here we go!

- I've been doing Stroller Strides for the past few weeks and I love it.  After class I reward myself by stopping at Starbucks for a skinny caramel macchiato.  I purposefully conveniently park in a location so I walk by it after class.  The past few times in addition to my coffee I've gotten a cheese Danish thereby completely undoing any calorie burn I got during class.

-Today I made the healthier decision and skipped the cheese Danish.  But then I bought a piece of chocolate cake at the grocery store.  And gummy bears.  And I wonder why I can't lose those last 10 lbs of baby weight.

- I loathe Kim Kardashian (what the heck is she famous for anyway?).  I think she looks terrible pregnant and that makes me kind of happy.
*speaking of celebrity pregnancies, Jessica Simpson looks so great this go around!  I think she's kind of an idiot but she designs cute clothes and handbags

- I exchanged this text with my mom today.  I was having serious Candy Crush withdrawals.

- Sawyer is into shaking toys that rattle.  But he also wants to chew them at the same time.  He usually ends up hitting himself in the face.  I find it hilarious.

That's all for today friends.  It was so beautiful here today!  I wore Capris (that I wore two summers ago and they fit with the exception of my muffin ton) and flip flops.  Can't wait for more sunny days!

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  1. TOTALLY love the Starbucks "reward." Sam and I have started going through the Starbucks drive thru for iced coffee and a cake pop (chocolate for me, birthday cake for him) on Tuesdays as a "reward" after speech. I don't even work out before! Haha.

    P.S. Wish they had stroller strides here! (And, you look great!)