Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project Bye Bye Baby Weight

For some reason, I had this {apparently unrealistic} expectation that the baby weight would just fall of.  Most people tell you if you are breast feeding that the weight just comes off.  If you are one of those people who lost all their pregnancy weight in 3 months, I hate you.  Seriously. 

I gained about 45 pounds with pregnancy.  By my two week checkup, I had lost 18 pounds from my pre-delivery weight.  By my 6 week check up, I had only lost an additional 5 pounds (23 of the 45 I gained).  Fast forward 5 months and I've lost a total of right around 35 of the 45 pounds.  Those last 10 pounds are hanging on for dear life and proving to be pretty stubborn.  Plus, I have an extra 15-20 that I was carrying prior to getting pregnant that could easily afford to go.

*I will note that I'm sure a good 2-3 pounds is pure breastmilk - I'm still making enough milk to supply a small village.

I have 2 pairs of non maternity work pants that fit and 2 pairs of jeans that fit.  And by fit, I mean I can get them on an buttoned the muffin top is definitely there.  Most of my shirts are too short (because of the aforementioned breast milk filled breasts) so I'm doing a lot of layering and cardigans.

But I'm ready to feel good in my jeans again.  I'm ready to feel hot.  I want my husband to want me, not just because I'm his wife, but because I'm his HOT wife.  I want people to see me with Sawyer at the store and be like "I can't believe she had a baby less than a year ago!"

I thought I was going to be so disciplined with working out after Sawyer was born.  I figured once he was on a schedule I would get up early and run before he got up in the mornings {like I used to do pre-pregnancy} or do strength training while he napped.  But, since I have yet to sleep through the night, getting up early is not an option.  I would so much rather sleep.  We aren't quite on a schedule yet either.  And I've been just plain lazy.

So, here we go.

I've joined a workout group called Stroller Strides.  Its a nationally based program designed for moms to get fit with their babies.  I first heard about it at the parent-baby class that I attend weekly at the hospital.  The gal that came and talked to us about it had 3 kids and the most buff arms I've seen on a woman much less a mom.  I would kill for her arms.  That alone was enough motivation for me to get signed up.

Being a physical therapist and knowing more that the average person about muscles, training and physical health, I was mildly skeptical that it was going to be that good of a workout.  I mean, these were a bunch of moms and probably not in the best of shape people.  I showed up for my first workout expecting to get some exercise but nothing crazy. 

Boy was I mistaken. 

I must have done about 300 squats and step ups in that first workout.  My butt was sore for 3 or 4 days.  Currently, my calves are ridiculously sore from my workout on Friday where we did sets of 100.  I literally shuffle my first few steps after getting up and have to take the stairs quite slowly.  The instructor of these classes gives you a work out.  I'm sorry that I ever doubted.

a photo from one of our workouts - curb planks with one arm on the ground and one on the sidewalk and then walking your feet up and down.  I'm in the bright pink shirt - I think I was saving my arms from falling off resting.

The best part?  I get to take Sawyer with me.  I put him in the BOB stroller and he gets walked, jogged, smiled at, sung to and sometimes falls asleep. 

My next step is to add the diet part.  I've been pretty lazy in terms of eating super healthy.  In general, I've tried to continue eating more of a lower carb diet but I've definitely done my fair share of poor eating.  My love-hate relationship with Coke Zero continues.  I don't drink enough water.

So friends, I invite you to join me on my journey.  I took my before pictures (which I'm not quite ready to share yet) and hope to get some progress and "after" pictures down the road.  I've got a Pinterest board with fitness and exercise ideas.  I went to REI and got some new workout gear (since the Stroller Strides workouts are outdoors).  I welcome encouraging thoughts and if you notice that I look a little skinnier I would LOVE to hear it (but don't say it unless you really mean it).

Tell me moms, how have you gone about getting back into shape after baby?

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  1. Good for you! You go mama! I think Stroller Strides is SO cool - I really wish they had one here!!

    P.S. I'm jealous of your Bob stroller. :)