Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mid Week Confessions

Wednesday means confession time.  Linking up again with E at E Myself and I - if you haven't been over to E's blog she talked today about her lack of parallel parking skills.  Funny stuff.

- Sawyer is on the verge of crawling and spending much more time on his tummy.  He tends to try and eat the carpet.  I can't tell you how much dog hair is on the carpet regardless of how many times I vacuum (which  honestly is only once a week unless we have company coming).  I'm sure Sawyer has ingested his fair share of dog hair now.  Oh well - it should help him avoid allergies or something right?

- In order to help motivate Sawyer to crawl, I bought a remote control car.  I think its as much fun for us to play with as it will be for him to chase.

- More than once this week I have wanted to throw my son, my husband and the dog out the window for one reason or another.  Don't worry, I haven't actually harmed anyone. 

- I am totally addicted to this new make up site -  I've spent way to much time watching videos and have made a list of products to buy at Ulta this weekend.  I may spend a small fortune but am so excited to try some new make up techniques!

- In an attempt to eat better this week and record it all on the Lose It! app on my phone, I have skipped the cheese Danish at Starbucks (its 420 calories!).  Then today at Trader Joes I bought a thing of coconut bon bons.  And ate them all.  Probably way more than 420 calories.  But they were so good.

- I often rock with Sawyer for a good 15 or 20 minutes after he's fallen asleep at night just because I love snuggling with my boy.

I think that's all I have for today.  On a completely separate note, Mario Batali tweeted me today!  I was so excited! 

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