Friday, June 21, 2013

9 Month Update

Sawyer is 9 months old!  At this point he has now spent as much time in the outside world as he did in my belly.  Its hard to believe that 9 short months ago we had this little 7 pound guy who was so small and snuggly.  Now we have a 22 pound ball of fun.  Sawyer is so much fun right now - full of smiles, laughs and screeches.  This month has brought us our first tooth, first baseball game,  lots of new foods, and the start of him moving (and finding trouble).

Sawyer weighs 22 lbs (75%), is 29 long (75%) and his head is 18 inches (50-75%).  He is in size 4 diapers and in 12 month jammies.  He is still in some 9 month and 6-12 month clothes though the pants are starting to get on the shorter side.  Its a good thing that summer is coming - he looks so cute in shorts!

Developmental Milestones
He is still not crawling yet but is definitely mobile.  He figures out where he wants to go and then rolls to get there.  And he can get pretty much anywhere.  He tends to gravitate towards electrical cords (yikes!).

He can get up on all fours but can't quite figure out how to move forward.   He is getting the pincer grasp down and is feeding himself.  He has certainly learned how to screech....loudly.  He isn't into babbling consonants yet though likes when you babble at him.  He also likes to watch you clap but hasn't figured out how to do it himself - though he does like to hit his hands on his thighs repeatedly.  He loves to shake toys that make noise.

The biggest new is he finally got his first tooth!  His bottom right tooth finally broke through last week.  Its a sharp little sucker!  He was super cranky the day it finally popped.  Now its a waiting game for the other bottom one (and the rest of them) to pop through.

This kid has no problems eating.  He is really into feeding himself these days.  He still eats purees from a spoon but would much rather feed himself.  We've been giving him a lot more finger foods - string cheese, peas, diced and steamed sweet potatoes etc.  His new favorite food is English Muffin - he eats a half of a muffin at almost every meal.  Green beans are one of his favorite purees and he loves his Mum Mum rice crackers. He still gets 5 meals at the milk bar on a daily basis.

For the most part, sleeping is pretty good.  We've had a few rough nights with the teething and then a growth spurt.  We've gotten several nights of no wake ups but he is an early riser - 5:30 am on average.  We aren't sure if that is because its so light so early or if he's waking up because he's hungry but all in all I will take 5:30 vs getting up at 2 am. 

Napping has also been much better - he takes 3 naps during the day and has gotten a lot better about napping in his crib.  Mommy can have some downtime (a necessity for my sanity) and some time to get housework or other things done.

Likes and Dislikes
Sawyer is a pretty happy kid.  He loves to laugh, he loves to be in his stroller, he loves car rides.  He loves his puppy dog - he watches Charlie wherever he goes and gets the biggest grin when he gets a puppy kiss or gets to touch his fur.  He likes to play in the bath tub and loves to ride on Daddy's shoulders. 

There's not a lot he doesn't like.  He is a cranky pants when he doesn't get his nap in.  He's still not a fan of having his nose or face wiped.

I feel like this is such a fun age.  We've gotten into a good routine, he's sleeping well, he's interactive and fun.  I'm excited to watch him discover more things, start moving more and begin to talk.  We have so much love for this boy. And I know I'm a little biased, but how cute is my boy?

photo by Ali Hormann

Its not all fun and games

Love those blue eyes!
Funny faces!

New hat in our Citrus Lane box!

He loves electrical cords


Go Mariners!

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