Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mid Week Confessions

Hi Friends! 

Good news!  Sawyer has finally learned to nap in his crib for longer than 40 minutes at a that means I will hopefully be able to be more consistent with my blogging.  That's assuming I can be more organized than a bunch of random thoughts on my post it note app on my phone....

But anyhoo, how about some confessions for the week?

- Remember how I mentioned that Sawyer was eating the dog hair in the carpet? Proof in point, I saw dog hair in his poop.  This weekend we used our steam cleaner to shampoo the carpet on our main floor where Sawyer plays the most.  Even after vacuuming before we started we were still getting clumps of dog hair up with the steam cleaner.  So once it was dry we vacuumed again and pulled up about another dogs worth of hair.  Sheesh!

-Sawyer's hair is ridiculously out of control.  At this rate he needs a cut about every month.  The children's salon I went to charged me $23 for a hair cut that literally took about 5 minutes for them to do.  Add in tip and I'm going to be spending at least $25-$28 a month on a haircut.  That's more than I spend for my own hair!  So, I figured I try and save some cash and cut his hair myself.  I'm no hairstylist (though I do watch Tabatha's Salon Takeover on a regular basis) and it was more difficult than I though given Sawyer rarely keeps his head still.  It turned out okay.  I certainly need more practice....or maybe I'll just find a cheaper kids salon.  What do you think?

After - you can't really tell in the picture but it is not blended very well.  Tabatha would be very disappointed in my work.

- I bought cupcakes to celebrate my intern's last day in the clinic.  I resisted buying a cupcake for myself but did buy a frosting shot (READ small cup of pure frosting - cookies and cream!) and ate it in the car.

- Speaking of fancy treats, I have been really good about not getting a cheese Danish on my Starbucks run after workout class.  But Starbucks just launched their new pastry campaign and I just had to try the new cheese Danish (to compare of course).  I call it having no will power being an educated comsumer.  The new one is served warm and it does have 110 less calories than the previous one.  It was fantastic.

- Its 78 degrees here today.  Currently my living room says is 74 inside (a big difference from our standard 63-65 that we keep it regularly even in winter).  Its entirely too hot for my liking.  I'm a weather wimp(read about it here).  I love summers in Washington but above 75 and I'm out of my happy zone.  Seriously.  Weather wuss.

Well friends, I hope to be seeing you more often.  I want to update all of you on my Bye Bye Baby Weight project, some new things I'm trying in my every day make up and beauty routine as well as hash it out with some hashtags.  Have a great week!

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