Friday, July 26, 2013

Project Runway - week 2 recap

Here we go wanna-be designers!  It was all about diamonds this week - 30 million dollars worth!  Here are a few of my thoughts as I watched.

  • Of course Timothy isn't inspired by the diamonds.  They must not be sustainable.  
  • Timothy of course is looking through the garbage.  Heaven forbid he can be normal.  Ever.  I'm so over him and its only episode 2.
  • Sandro looks like a leopard spotted pimp/strip club owner.
  • Dom reminds me of YaYa from America's Next Top Model Season 3
  • Where is the Design Timothy?  I love that Tim Gunn called your outfit a hot mess.  I love that Tim Gunn called anything a hot mess.
  • Once again,. Sue can't figure out the sewing machine
  • Helen is in trouble.
  • Timothy's model actually gets make up! L'Oreal has sustainable products apparently.  I bet the make up guy just told him that so he could put make up on the poor girl.
  • Sandro - holy freak out Batman!  A steamer can't be that difficult to figure out.

Runway Time.

Dom - Pretty. Like the green.
Justin - It was a beautiful dress but its not that exciting.
Ken - Like the dress, wish he would have gone more vintage with the styling.
Kahindo - Her fabric didn't walk well but I like that she didn't do a gown.
Alexandria - Pretty dress but boring.  I've seen it before.
Miranda - There's nothing elegant about a bared midriff...just sayin'
Alexander - too poofy
Kate - Interesting design - not sure it complemented the jewels
Timothy - I don't get him.  At all.
Karen - agian, who is she?  Her dress made her size 0 model look wide...poorly placed sash
Sandro -again, bared midriff isn't least not real ones
Helen - I knew this chick would cause drama, drama, drama.  Her poor model was stuck with Timothy last week and then got a horribly fitting dress this week
Sue - This girl is into rouching...
Bradon - awesome.  He's still my favorite.

Top 3:
Dom - They liked that it made the jewels young.
Kate - I liked her Marie Antoinette story.
Sandro - how was he in the top?  I thought she looked like a Russian hooker and he was her pimp.

Bottom 3:
Timothy - Heidi just looks annoyed by him.
Helen - she kept it together better than I expected.
Kahindo - They thought it was too simple, not daring enough.  I thought there were worse dresses than hers.


And Kahindo got the boot.  It should have been Timothy.   Did anyone else notice that no one was happy that he was still in it when he got back tot he rest of the group.

What are your thoughts on this weeks episode?

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  I'm joining Darci and over 200 other bloggers for Five on Friday today.

1. Sawyer pulled off his first "boy"move yesterday by diving head first down the stairs.  He was fine.  I am emotionally scarred for life.  And I ordered new baby gates this morning (I already had some but got better new ones to pen him in the living room so he can't get near the stairs ever again).

2. After a 2 weeks of sleep regression and fighting naps in his crib with all his might, Sawyer actually put himself to sleep this afternoon.  I'm feeling so proud of myself (and my son).

3. I was so excited for the Royal Couple this week as they welcomed little Prince George.  I can't imagine having to get my picture taken and seen by a zillion people 24 hours after giving birth.  Kate looks better after 24 hours than I do at 10 months.

4.  I will never be as thin as Kate, however, I am getting there.  I've lost about 4 pounds since starting my body back class and for the first time in a long time I'm starting to feel skinny or at least a lot more toned.  Since giving up wheat, I surprisingly find I'm not missing bread and crackers and all that.

5. Taking a Mommy day next week.   I have the day off work and am having the nanny come and am getting a haircut, pedicure, and going to shop for ME (!!) before we go to Cleveland.  I'm so excited!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Project Runway - Season Premier Recap

Project Runway is one of my favorite reality shows.  Maybe because I have zero sewing skills minus the two items I made in junior high home economics class.  I'm amazed that these designers can take rolls of fabric and create amazing garments.  And, add in some flamboyant and dramatic characters and what a show it makes!

Bring on Season 12.

I have to say, I did not enjoy season 11 until the last few episodes.  The whole team thing was annoying and I'm pretty sure they just wanted more drama.  I felt like designers really didn't get to show who they were until the end when things started getting more individual.

This season, though, the teams are thrown out the window...yay!!

The show started off on a different kind of runway - an airport.  We were first introduced to the comeback designer that fans voted to bring back. I was unaware this was happening.  They voted back Kate from last season.  Meh.  She's okay.  I don't think she's the b%*#h that they edited her to be.  Not sure she has the talent to win it all either.

Then, a bunch of skydivers parachuted down and we learned that their challenge would be to make an outfit from the parachute material. 

And then the drama began.

So, here's my thoughts on this years designers:

Sue - #Dreadlock Sue
She's 45 but her neck looks about 80.  Seriously - so many wrinkles on her neck?  I wonder if she smoked.  Anyway, after appearing that she didn't know how to use a sewing machine, she pulled off a very nice dress.  I didn't like the way she styled her model.  My gut feeling is she is a one hit wonder and will fall from here.  But I could be wrong.


Bradon - #dancerman
I LOVE him.  He is by far my favorite this year and his dress was the best.  I also like that he didn't bad mouth any other designer.  I see him going far.


He has a couple very cute kids.  I like that he did pants instead of a dress.  Otherwise I don't think he's very memorable at this point.

Kahindo #rosehead
I loved her hair!  She looked like she had roses on her head. Her outfit was pretty - she had some interesting pleating on the skirt.  I see potential.
Sandro #annoyingrussianguy
Sandro is this seasons Mossimo.  Foreign guy, weird, says crazy stuff and puts out some nutty outfits.  I could not believe the judges were as nice to him as they were.  The poor models va-jay-jay was almost hanging out as were her butt cheeks.  She was terrible over styled.  They probably kept him around so he can provide more drama.  Whatevs.


Helen #tattoogirlwithissues
I'm pretty convinced that this girl is cray cray.  She is going to provide a lot of drama.  I wasn't impressed with her outfit.

Alexandria #swedishgirl
She's a little cocky but a good designer.  I think she will go to Top 5.

Karen #who?
They spent no time on her which makes me think she doesn't contribute anything to this season. Her design was nothing out of the ordinary.  If they feature her in a future episode it means she's going home.

Timothy #believesinunicorns
Okay, he was definitely the focus of the episode.  He started off normal and then turned into a unicorn loving, sustainability crazy, anti electricity, high heeled wearing nut.  I'm all about being environmentally friendly but he takes it to a whole new level.  The whole "I don't believe in electricity" thing is absolutely ridiculous.  Electricity is probably one of the more sustainable forms of energy especially if its powered by a dam or wind farm.  Then he refused to let his model get her hair done or get make up on and then made the poor girl try and perform her way down the runway.  Dude, its a runway, not Broadway.  This girl ain't gonna be winning any drama awards for you, kay?  If your clothes are that good, they should speak for themselves on the runway and not need a "performance" by your poor model (who by the way is probably convinced she's screwed unless they all switch models).  Zac Posen (who looks about 14 by the way) also pointed out that by burning the fabric he's creating fumes that are harmful to the environment.  And Nina had the best point of the night "If you are going to use sustainable fabric, make it gorgeous otherwise you are doing a disservice."  Dude, get out of your sparkly heels (which were uber creepy) and get off your high horse.


Justin #deafguy
I love that they have a deaf contestant!  He also seems like such a sweet guy.  He went to NC State so I kind of have to root for him to support the ACC (although its unlikely he was involved in any sports).  His dress was nice but not spectacular.  He'll need to step it up to stick around.

Kate #backinthegame
I liked her yellow dress and she fought hard (and face planted) for that yellow parachute.  Again, I think she will do well until they weed out the good designers and then she'll need to start wowing people.

Angela #rockergirl
Poor Angela.  She just wasn't interesting enough and her garment looked like a swimsuit cover up.  Oh well. 

Alexander #koolaidhead
Is it me or does he remind you of a cartoon devil with the red hair and the eyebrows?  His dress was okay but he obviously didn't think about his model walking in it as it was riding up.

Meh.  Don't have a lot to say about her.  Probably not a good sign.

Ken #Anthonyfrom3seasonsago2.0
I like him and his bowtie tattoo.  I liked his design too but he got no love from the judges.

Miranda #usedtobeinthearmy
She was a little snotty and I liked her design but she clearly broke the rules!  When she was talking to Tim she was like "it's such a hard fabric to work with".  Duh!  That's the whole point of the challenge!  I can't believe the judges didn't rip her more for using 80% non parachute fabric and that she wasn't in the actual bottom because of it.

So, I think it will be a good season.  I like that the judges don't know who did what during the runway show and that they get a closer look at construction.  I think that will help some people and hurt others.  And Tim gets a save which is kind of lame but I like that he gets input.

So, what did you think about the premiere?  Who's your favorite?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

10 Month update

Sawyer turned 10 months old this week!  It seriously feels like I just wrote the 9 month post.  Time is going by way. too. fast.  It has been an exciting month for us!  Sawyer is officially crawling which means our lives have gotten a LOT busier.  He also had his first trip to the ocean, had another (!) haircut, and got another tooth!

I didn't take official height and weight measurements but I know he's gotten taller since the last update.  I've packed away most of our 9 month and 6-12 month pants because they are too short!  The new 12-18 month stuff is too big around the waist but long enough.  So, he's rocking the saggy pants for now.  He's in all 12 month jammies and even some of those are starting to get a little snug.  He's definitely taking after his daddy with the height.

Developmental milestones
As I said before we are crawling!  Sawyer officially started crawling while we were at the beach in Oregon and continues to get better.  Now, he rarely sits still which makes our photo shoots a little more challenging as I get this:

And of course now that he's crawling, all he really wants to do is pull himself up to stand.  He's figured it out in the crib which means we've had to lower the mattress (after I saw him trying to stand in his crib on the monitor and went flying up stairs to make sure he didn't fall out!).  He also tries to pull up to stand using the coffee table, the jumperoo, the sliding glass door, our legs and Charlie.

Poor Charlie.  He gets grabbed and pulled and poked but has remained very gentle with our boy.  He's such a good puppy.

Sawyer still loves to eat.  He eats most everything we eat.  He likes steak and salmon, bananas, Cheerios, yogurt, english muffins, string cheese, chicken, eggs etc.  We still do some pureed food but mostly just cut up regular food and let him eat what he wants.   He still breast feeds several times a day and is very vocal when he's hungry and not getting fed.

For the most part he's sleeping well.  Each week we seem to have a few good nights and a few rough nights due to teething.  And unfortunately he usually always wants Mommy in the middle of the night despite Daddy's best efforts.  He has been sleeping a little later these days - usually he's up around 6:30 which is better than 5 am.  We've even had a few nights of 7:30 pm -6:30 am without a peep in between.  I keep hoping for more of those.

Fortunately we have him on a pretty good napping schedule which is nice.  I get some down time during the days which is good for my sanity (and for catching up on my TV shows like Project Runway - recap coming soon!)

Likes and Dislikes
Sawyer likes most things.  He loves his maracas or any toy that makes noise as well as his extension cord.  He likes to read books (in short spurts),  grab fistfuls of fur pet the puppy, and lick your face give kisses. He does well with car rides and being in the stroller and fortunately doesn't have any stranger anxiety yet.  He's not a fan of being hungry or having his face wiped off after meals.

We love our boy so much!  I can't believe we will be celebrating his birthday in just 2 short months!  Here are some other pictures from the last month.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mid Week Confessions

Happy Wednesday!  Lets confess shall we?

- Sawyer loves electrical cords.  So much, that we have designated an extension cord for him to play with and have even uttered the phrase "here, play with your extension cord, that will make you happy."  We even brought it with us on our trip to the Oregon coast.

*before you go calling CPS on us, the extension cord is not plugged in and he is supervised while playing with it

- We went to Costco on Saturday at what should have been the time when Sawyer ate solids.  His lunch became food samples at Costco including chicken sausage, cheese, yogurt, and chili.  Plus the Cheerios I had brought in my purse.

- At Costco, I found Coach sunglasses for $64.  I totally don't need sunglasses but anything Coach for $64 is a bargain and a half.  Plus they are purple.  And have a cool case.  And they are Coach!

- I was totally convinced that I would get Sawyer to say mama before dada.  I failed.  Sawyer is now saying "da da da da" all day long.  He says it most to Charlie.  So unless he things Charlie is his daddy then I'm pretty sure he's not associating it with Andrew.  So there may still be hope.  If I say "ma ma ma ma" to him he just laughs at me.

- I'm nearing the point of wanting to be done breast feeding.  I'm going to stick it out until he turns a year but I'm pretty excited to get my boobs back...and not feel like a cow attached to a milking machine every time I pump.

That's it for this week.  Don't forget to go visit E, Myself and I and read everyone else's confessions.

Sawyer is 10 months old tomorrow!  I can't believe it.  We are already making plans for his first birthday.  Will hopefully have an update up by the weekend.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

Today I'm linking up with Darci at The Good Life blog for her 5 on Friday series.  Basically you just blog about 5 things - any five things you want.

Here we go:

Kettle corn.  Its one of my favorite treats.  The perfect combo of sweet, salty and crunchy.  Today they were having a street art festival at Redmond Town Center where we have Stroller Strides.  There was a street of food trucks that just happened to be on my way back to the car and I had to stop and get a bag of freshly made kettle corn.  Mmm.

As part of my Body Back class, I have to journal my food.  Which means that I have to write down the kettle corn that I have eaten and/or will eat.  I have to say that knowing I have to write things down has prevented me from eating the whole bag in one sitting.

I am in love with my new Coach purse.  We stopped at the outlet mall in Lincoln City, Oregon on our way back from the coast and everything in the store was 50% off the already reduced prices.  Plus in Oregon there is no sales tax so its actually like getting 59.5% off (or at least that's how I explained it to my husband).  So I got this purse (originally $378) and matching wallet (orginally $138) for $200.  Its big enough to hold my stuff plus all the baby stuff (diaper change kit, toys, snacks) and the fabric is kind of like a vinyl so things can easily be wiped off.  I've discovered that is important since Sawyer puked all over my current purse this weekend.

I got Sawyer a hair cut before the 4th.  I hate paying $25 for a haircut for him but he was in need and I didn't have the time to do it myself.  The first part of the cut was great.  I told her I wanted to shorten up everything but leave the top a little longer since I love his curls.  She was doing so well and then she kept cutting and cutting and cutting off the top.  He still looks cute (I mean really, how could he not) but I'm sad he lost his little signature 'do.  Oh well, at the rate his hair grows, it will be back in no time.  And I know what clipper settings she used so I can probably do it myself now.

I think we've found a house sitter and potential baby sitter!  It seems all our good house sitters move away - usually because they are college kids who go off to school or graduate and find jobs elsewhere.  But the daughter of a friend of mine is getting married soon and they are living with the parents right now so would welcome an opportunity to live on their own.  They are looking for a place but want to be in Redmond so they will be close.  And they love dogs.  And kids.  So hopefully we can utilize them until they have a kid of their own.  Andrew and I went on a date night in Oregon and decided we needed to do date nights more often since we couldn't remember the last time we had dinner without Sawyer.

Happy Friday friends!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A few happenings

Hi friends!  We just got back from our trip to the Oregon coast which was awesome!  I will give a recap sometime soon once I have time to upload my pictures (which will be a few days between work, houseguests and starting my Body Back class).

But I wanted to give you some updates on a couple things going on around here.

First, my blog officially has a Facebook page!  Apparently all the cool bloggers have their own Facebook pages for their blog.  I suppose this allows people who don't actually know you who follow your blog to keep up with your posts on FB instead of having to use an alternative site.  Anyway, if you want to "like" my blog on Facebook, go here.  And thanks in advance!  I'll try to keep it updated for y'all.  (I'm southern by marriage so I feel its my prerogative to throw a few y'alls in here and there).

Second,  guess who is crawling?  Yep.  The ocean must have inspired my boy because he has learned to crawl. 

He's even better just in the last two days!  Its fun to see but man is it going to change things around here.  Charlie is already bearing the burden of Sawyer's mobility and has been grabbed, pulled and poked more than he desires.  This also means Mommy needs to baby proof the house.

Here's a sneak peak of our trip...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mid Week Confessions

Hi Friends!  Its Wednesday and a holiday week.  We've had some awesome friends in town from the East Coast (one of Andrew's college roommates and his wife) and then his parents come on Thursday and we are headed to the Oregon Coast for the weekend.  I'm looking forward to getting some time on the ocean and hoping to get a book read while Grandma and Grandpa entertain Sawyer.  I may even get a date night with the hubby.  I can't remember the last time we ate in a public place without a screeching child...

But, its time for some confessions.  Linking up again with E at E, Myself and I.  Go check out her newly designed blog - it looks amazing! 

- When Sawyer is done eating, I more often than not just sweep out the high chair onto the floor and call over the dog (who is usually sitting right there anyway).  Its nice to have a vacuum that I don't have to plug in.

- It has been ridiculously hot and humid here in Seattle over the past few days.  I've eaten my fair share of popsicles and ice cream for the sake of "cooling down"

Sawyer shared too

- We have portable air conditioners that we keep in our bedrooms for just such a heat wave (very few people have central air here).  We could keep it at 75 but we prefer it under 70 if possible.  I have to be cold when I sleep.  But that means we have to run the air conditioner all day.  Our electric bill is going to be ridiculous.

How cute is Sawyer in his little romper?

- I've always scoffed at those people who aren't gluten intolerant but decide to give up wheat anyway because it seems like the trendy thing to do.  I'm afraid I might become one of them!  I read this article about how wheat is so genetically modified that it really isn't a good product anymore.  Andrew's dad gave up wheat last summer and went from being on 2 blood pressure medications to none.  I'm intrigued....anyone have any experience with this?

- Charlie's nails got so long that he refused to walk on the deck because he couldn't get any traction.  We finally took him in to get them trimmed (and took him swimming in the river as a reward).  Now you can't hear him on the tile and linoleum so he scares the crap out of me because I can't hear him coming

- I had a very weird dream that I was on America's Next Top Model but Alton Brown was my mentor.  Apparently my Food Network watching and ANTM marathons are messing with my brain.

Happy Fourth of July friends!  Have a safe and happy celebration.