Saturday, July 20, 2013

10 Month update

Sawyer turned 10 months old this week!  It seriously feels like I just wrote the 9 month post.  Time is going by way. too. fast.  It has been an exciting month for us!  Sawyer is officially crawling which means our lives have gotten a LOT busier.  He also had his first trip to the ocean, had another (!) haircut, and got another tooth!

I didn't take official height and weight measurements but I know he's gotten taller since the last update.  I've packed away most of our 9 month and 6-12 month pants because they are too short!  The new 12-18 month stuff is too big around the waist but long enough.  So, he's rocking the saggy pants for now.  He's in all 12 month jammies and even some of those are starting to get a little snug.  He's definitely taking after his daddy with the height.

Developmental milestones
As I said before we are crawling!  Sawyer officially started crawling while we were at the beach in Oregon and continues to get better.  Now, he rarely sits still which makes our photo shoots a little more challenging as I get this:

And of course now that he's crawling, all he really wants to do is pull himself up to stand.  He's figured it out in the crib which means we've had to lower the mattress (after I saw him trying to stand in his crib on the monitor and went flying up stairs to make sure he didn't fall out!).  He also tries to pull up to stand using the coffee table, the jumperoo, the sliding glass door, our legs and Charlie.

Poor Charlie.  He gets grabbed and pulled and poked but has remained very gentle with our boy.  He's such a good puppy.

Sawyer still loves to eat.  He eats most everything we eat.  He likes steak and salmon, bananas, Cheerios, yogurt, english muffins, string cheese, chicken, eggs etc.  We still do some pureed food but mostly just cut up regular food and let him eat what he wants.   He still breast feeds several times a day and is very vocal when he's hungry and not getting fed.

For the most part he's sleeping well.  Each week we seem to have a few good nights and a few rough nights due to teething.  And unfortunately he usually always wants Mommy in the middle of the night despite Daddy's best efforts.  He has been sleeping a little later these days - usually he's up around 6:30 which is better than 5 am.  We've even had a few nights of 7:30 pm -6:30 am without a peep in between.  I keep hoping for more of those.

Fortunately we have him on a pretty good napping schedule which is nice.  I get some down time during the days which is good for my sanity (and for catching up on my TV shows like Project Runway - recap coming soon!)

Likes and Dislikes
Sawyer likes most things.  He loves his maracas or any toy that makes noise as well as his extension cord.  He likes to read books (in short spurts),  grab fistfuls of fur pet the puppy, and lick your face give kisses. He does well with car rides and being in the stroller and fortunately doesn't have any stranger anxiety yet.  He's not a fan of being hungry or having his face wiped off after meals.

We love our boy so much!  I can't believe we will be celebrating his birthday in just 2 short months!  Here are some other pictures from the last month.

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  1. Happy 10 months! I'm new to your blog,and I see we have some Tech fan similarities between us! Have a great weekend!