Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A few happenings

Hi friends!  We just got back from our trip to the Oregon coast which was awesome!  I will give a recap sometime soon once I have time to upload my pictures (which will be a few days between work, houseguests and starting my Body Back class).

But I wanted to give you some updates on a couple things going on around here.

First, my blog officially has a Facebook page!  Apparently all the cool bloggers have their own Facebook pages for their blog.  I suppose this allows people who don't actually know you who follow your blog to keep up with your posts on FB instead of having to use an alternative site.  Anyway, if you want to "like" my blog on Facebook, go here.  And thanks in advance!  I'll try to keep it updated for y'all.  (I'm southern by marriage so I feel its my prerogative to throw a few y'alls in here and there).

Second,  guess who is crawling?  Yep.  The ocean must have inspired my boy because he has learned to crawl. 

He's even better just in the last two days!  Its fun to see but man is it going to change things around here.  Charlie is already bearing the burden of Sawyer's mobility and has been grabbed, pulled and poked more than he desires.  This also means Mommy needs to baby proof the house.

Here's a sneak peak of our trip...

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