Monday, July 22, 2013

Project Runway - Season Premier Recap

Project Runway is one of my favorite reality shows.  Maybe because I have zero sewing skills minus the two items I made in junior high home economics class.  I'm amazed that these designers can take rolls of fabric and create amazing garments.  And, add in some flamboyant and dramatic characters and what a show it makes!

Bring on Season 12.

I have to say, I did not enjoy season 11 until the last few episodes.  The whole team thing was annoying and I'm pretty sure they just wanted more drama.  I felt like designers really didn't get to show who they were until the end when things started getting more individual.

This season, though, the teams are thrown out the window...yay!!

The show started off on a different kind of runway - an airport.  We were first introduced to the comeback designer that fans voted to bring back. I was unaware this was happening.  They voted back Kate from last season.  Meh.  She's okay.  I don't think she's the b%*#h that they edited her to be.  Not sure she has the talent to win it all either.

Then, a bunch of skydivers parachuted down and we learned that their challenge would be to make an outfit from the parachute material. 

And then the drama began.

So, here's my thoughts on this years designers:

Sue - #Dreadlock Sue
She's 45 but her neck looks about 80.  Seriously - so many wrinkles on her neck?  I wonder if she smoked.  Anyway, after appearing that she didn't know how to use a sewing machine, she pulled off a very nice dress.  I didn't like the way she styled her model.  My gut feeling is she is a one hit wonder and will fall from here.  But I could be wrong.


Bradon - #dancerman
I LOVE him.  He is by far my favorite this year and his dress was the best.  I also like that he didn't bad mouth any other designer.  I see him going far.


He has a couple very cute kids.  I like that he did pants instead of a dress.  Otherwise I don't think he's very memorable at this point.

Kahindo #rosehead
I loved her hair!  She looked like she had roses on her head. Her outfit was pretty - she had some interesting pleating on the skirt.  I see potential.
Sandro #annoyingrussianguy
Sandro is this seasons Mossimo.  Foreign guy, weird, says crazy stuff and puts out some nutty outfits.  I could not believe the judges were as nice to him as they were.  The poor models va-jay-jay was almost hanging out as were her butt cheeks.  She was terrible over styled.  They probably kept him around so he can provide more drama.  Whatevs.


Helen #tattoogirlwithissues
I'm pretty convinced that this girl is cray cray.  She is going to provide a lot of drama.  I wasn't impressed with her outfit.

Alexandria #swedishgirl
She's a little cocky but a good designer.  I think she will go to Top 5.

Karen #who?
They spent no time on her which makes me think she doesn't contribute anything to this season. Her design was nothing out of the ordinary.  If they feature her in a future episode it means she's going home.

Timothy #believesinunicorns
Okay, he was definitely the focus of the episode.  He started off normal and then turned into a unicorn loving, sustainability crazy, anti electricity, high heeled wearing nut.  I'm all about being environmentally friendly but he takes it to a whole new level.  The whole "I don't believe in electricity" thing is absolutely ridiculous.  Electricity is probably one of the more sustainable forms of energy especially if its powered by a dam or wind farm.  Then he refused to let his model get her hair done or get make up on and then made the poor girl try and perform her way down the runway.  Dude, its a runway, not Broadway.  This girl ain't gonna be winning any drama awards for you, kay?  If your clothes are that good, they should speak for themselves on the runway and not need a "performance" by your poor model (who by the way is probably convinced she's screwed unless they all switch models).  Zac Posen (who looks about 14 by the way) also pointed out that by burning the fabric he's creating fumes that are harmful to the environment.  And Nina had the best point of the night "If you are going to use sustainable fabric, make it gorgeous otherwise you are doing a disservice."  Dude, get out of your sparkly heels (which were uber creepy) and get off your high horse.


Justin #deafguy
I love that they have a deaf contestant!  He also seems like such a sweet guy.  He went to NC State so I kind of have to root for him to support the ACC (although its unlikely he was involved in any sports).  His dress was nice but not spectacular.  He'll need to step it up to stick around.

Kate #backinthegame
I liked her yellow dress and she fought hard (and face planted) for that yellow parachute.  Again, I think she will do well until they weed out the good designers and then she'll need to start wowing people.

Angela #rockergirl
Poor Angela.  She just wasn't interesting enough and her garment looked like a swimsuit cover up.  Oh well. 

Alexander #koolaidhead
Is it me or does he remind you of a cartoon devil with the red hair and the eyebrows?  His dress was okay but he obviously didn't think about his model walking in it as it was riding up.

Meh.  Don't have a lot to say about her.  Probably not a good sign.

Ken #Anthonyfrom3seasonsago2.0
I like him and his bowtie tattoo.  I liked his design too but he got no love from the judges.

Miranda #usedtobeinthearmy
She was a little snotty and I liked her design but she clearly broke the rules!  When she was talking to Tim she was like "it's such a hard fabric to work with".  Duh!  That's the whole point of the challenge!  I can't believe the judges didn't rip her more for using 80% non parachute fabric and that she wasn't in the actual bottom because of it.

So, I think it will be a good season.  I like that the judges don't know who did what during the runway show and that they get a closer look at construction.  I think that will help some people and hurt others.  And Tim gets a save which is kind of lame but I like that he gets input.

So, what did you think about the premiere?  Who's your favorite?

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