Friday, July 26, 2013

Project Runway - week 2 recap

Here we go wanna-be designers!  It was all about diamonds this week - 30 million dollars worth!  Here are a few of my thoughts as I watched.

  • Of course Timothy isn't inspired by the diamonds.  They must not be sustainable.  
  • Timothy of course is looking through the garbage.  Heaven forbid he can be normal.  Ever.  I'm so over him and its only episode 2.
  • Sandro looks like a leopard spotted pimp/strip club owner.
  • Dom reminds me of YaYa from America's Next Top Model Season 3
  • Where is the Design Timothy?  I love that Tim Gunn called your outfit a hot mess.  I love that Tim Gunn called anything a hot mess.
  • Once again,. Sue can't figure out the sewing machine
  • Helen is in trouble.
  • Timothy's model actually gets make up! L'Oreal has sustainable products apparently.  I bet the make up guy just told him that so he could put make up on the poor girl.
  • Sandro - holy freak out Batman!  A steamer can't be that difficult to figure out.

Runway Time.

Dom - Pretty. Like the green.
Justin - It was a beautiful dress but its not that exciting.
Ken - Like the dress, wish he would have gone more vintage with the styling.
Kahindo - Her fabric didn't walk well but I like that she didn't do a gown.
Alexandria - Pretty dress but boring.  I've seen it before.
Miranda - There's nothing elegant about a bared midriff...just sayin'
Alexander - too poofy
Kate - Interesting design - not sure it complemented the jewels
Timothy - I don't get him.  At all.
Karen - agian, who is she?  Her dress made her size 0 model look wide...poorly placed sash
Sandro -again, bared midriff isn't least not real ones
Helen - I knew this chick would cause drama, drama, drama.  Her poor model was stuck with Timothy last week and then got a horribly fitting dress this week
Sue - This girl is into rouching...
Bradon - awesome.  He's still my favorite.

Top 3:
Dom - They liked that it made the jewels young.
Kate - I liked her Marie Antoinette story.
Sandro - how was he in the top?  I thought she looked like a Russian hooker and he was her pimp.

Bottom 3:
Timothy - Heidi just looks annoyed by him.
Helen - she kept it together better than I expected.
Kahindo - They thought it was too simple, not daring enough.  I thought there were worse dresses than hers.


And Kahindo got the boot.  It should have been Timothy.   Did anyone else notice that no one was happy that he was still in it when he got back tot he rest of the group.

What are your thoughts on this weeks episode?

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