Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mid Week Confessions

Hi Friends.  Its Wednesday.  Time to confess...

- I always judged parents with messy strollers and cluttered cars.  And now I'm one of them.  I have a feeling its only going to get worse.

- Sawyer and I have been having a nap war (which I wrote about on Monday).  Today I declared victory again!  I also tried the same method last night.  It didn't take any longer than our previous methods of dealing with him in the middle of the night.  Hoping if I can get Andrew to be consistent with it to we may win this sleep battle.  Or someone will call CPS on my because my child is screaming all the time.

- My house smells like dog.  It's driving me crazy.

- I started doing Project Runway recaps on my blog a few weeks ago.  I managed to make it 2 episodes and then got behind.  #blogfail

 *recap of the last few episodes:  holy drama Batman!  There is a new drama queen every week!  Sandro went postal and Ken is a rude diva.  Last week I totally hated Alexandra's outfit but it made me happy that Ken was on the bottom and she won.  I didn't think Justin deserved the Tim Gunn save - as much as I like him I haven't been impressed.

- one of my goals for 2013 was to plant a garden.  This summer just got too busy to plant anything outside.  I do have a basil plant on my window sill that is still alive so I'm calling it a partially met goal.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Battle of Wills

My son has inherited my stubbornness.  While this may serve him well in certain areas of his life as he gets older, right now its main purpose is to drive his mother crazy.  Seriously.  I've had moments of contemplating dropping him off at Daddy's work and driving far far away for a few days.  I'm working on a post titled "Sometimes it's okay to not like your child."

He's still not sleeping super well at night.  Andrew has been getting up with him so he knows that he doesn't always get Mommy aka The Supplier of Milk when he wakes up.  In fairness to him, he isn't necessarily hungry, just likes to comfort nurse.  So I guess a better name would be Mommy aka Human Pacifier.

Nap times during the day have been variable.  What I really want to start working on his not having to rock him to sleep.  At night he usually falls right asleep after nursing.  During the day I don't nurse him to sleep but we do rock in the chair with a pacifier.  I know I've needed to break him of this habit for a while but I've always had some excuse.  Usually you only need to rock him for 5-10 minutes before he falls asleep and then you can lay him down in his crib.

So today, he was really tired and fell asleep in my arms in less than 5 minutes.  He did, however, wake up when I put him down.  So I decided that I was not going to pick him up.  I turned on his sound machine, layed him back down, and left.  He started crying immediately.  I got in the shower and he was still screaming when I got out so I went back in, layed him down, gave him is paci, turned on his sound machine, rubbed his back and said night night and left.  I set a timer for 10 minutes.  I was determined to repeat this process as long as it took or until his normal nap time should be over. 

*Side note, we tried this one night a few weeks ago, but after 2 hours we were tired and just wanted to sleep so we gave up.  I thought day time might be a better time to try since I would have a little more patience.

I went in another 2-3 times and each time he would be calm when I was there but scream the minute I left.  But I was determine to win the battle.  On the fourth time, he cried for about 5 minutes, then stopped crying, but was still sitting up in the crib.  He played around for a few minutes, started the sound machine himself and eventually went to sleep.

I'm doing a little happy dance and bragged on Facebook.  I'm declaring it a victory - even if it is small. I'm hoping I can do this again the rest of the week during nap time to get us out of the habit of rocking to sleep.

Anyone else out there gone through this process?  How long did it take and what did you try? 

Check out this video of Andrew reading to Sawyer.  He loves turning the pages.  But even at 11 months old he has 2 or 3 books that are his favorites and some that he refuses to read (that also aren't that good).  Its amazing that they have such likes and dislikes so young!


Monday, August 19, 2013

11 Month Update

Sawyer is 11 months old.  How did this happen?  When did my baby turn into a little boy?  I feel that this month more than any other I've really seen a change in him and he's becoming a toddler.  I miss my little bundle that I used to snuggle with all day.

Life has definitely changed in our house.  Not better or worse, just different.  Busy.  Sawyer does not quit moving when he is awake.  He is exploring pretty much everything he can get his sticky little hands on (or put in his mouth).

I haven't weighed him (will get an official weight next month at his 1 year visit) but I would guess he's around 24 pounds and has definitely grown taller.   We are moving into 12-18 month clothes more for length than anything else.  I haven't been putting shoes on him much but he is already into size 4 shoes!  I've gotten some really cute stuff for him for fall that I'm excited for it to get cooler for him to wear. 

He's still in size 4 diapers both day and night.

Developmental Milestones
Sawyer is a quite proficient crawler now and pulls up to stand on pretty much everything.  He can stand independently for a few seconds and cruises around the coffee table while holding on or using his walker toy.  I'm guessing he will be walking right around his first birthday.

His lightning speed crawling led to his first tumble down the stairs.  So, we got different baby gates to confine him to the living room.  He for the most part likes being "behind bars". 

He's added a few more sounds to his vocal repitoire including da da da, ba ba, ya ya, and blowing raspberries.  He continues to love to laugh at mommy and daddy or at himself in the mirror.

He loves to watch you clap but hasn't clapped on his own yet.  He also is close to waving but won't do it on cue.  He's also into pointing at things.

Still only have the two bottom teeth but I keep thinking that more are going to pop through any day now.

Sawyer is a champion eater.  He will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him.  His most recent obsession is blueberries.  This kid has downed his body weight in blueberries in the last few days.  He also loves Cheerios, string cheese, chicken and banana.  He's not much into purees but will eat yogurt.  He loves to drink water from his sippy cup.  He still gets breast milk several times a day but breast feeding is a bit more of a challenge as he doesn't want to sit still that long.  Not gonna lie, Mommy is ready to close up the milk bar.

I wish I could say we are doing better but since he learned to crawl, sleep has been difficult.  We had periods of him being up for 2 hours in the middle of the night to periods of him waking up every 2 hours needing to be picked up and comforted back to sleep.  The last few nights have been better - minimal wakeups but up early in the morning.  Someday this child will learn to sleep all night until at least 6:30.  I hope.  I pray. 

Likes and Dislikes
Sawyer loves his Baby Einstein piano - we put the legs on it so he can stand and play it and will often push it around the living room.  He still loves his maracas, extension cords and the TV remotes.  His new favorite game is the "I'm gonna get you" game where we chase him around the room.  He's all boy in that he loves to climb - over your legs, over the dog, up on to the table if you will let him.   He gives mommy and daddy lots of kisses and likes to flip pages in books.

All in all, he continues to be a happy guy.  He's cranky if he's teething or hungry or not feeling well.  Otherwise he's pretty happy exploring the living room, feeding Charlie half his lunch, and shaking anything that makes noise.  I love this little guy so much (even when he doesn't sleep well) and can't believe that he's almost a year old!  Here are a few more pictures from this month.

Still loves his extension cord

Daddy son match day

Crawling over Charlie

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seven on Sunday

Okay so I totally missed the Five on Friday link up party.  Then I had grand ambitions to do a Six on Saturday post and I missed that.  So I guess y'all will have to settle for a Seven on Sunday.  Here we go.

My boy is 11 months old today.  I can hardly believe it.  The past year has flown by in the blink of an eye.  I feel like if I blink again he will be off to college.  And my baby is not much of a baby anymore.  Every day he is more and more like a toddler.  Gah!  Time slow down please!

*11 month update post coming tomorrow!

Stella & Dot. 

Oh my gosh I am in love with this jewelry line.  I hosted a party yesterday with some girlfriends and I am officially hooked.  I had already gotten a few things but it was so cool to see it all in person!  There were several pieces that I had seen in the catalog and didn't think I liked but then I got to see it and touch it and try it on and I wanted it!  I'm seriously considering becoming a stylist - mainly for the free jewelry.

Here is one of the necklaces on my wish list:
Tessa Fringe Necklace

Terrible parenting skills.

I witnessed (and reported) a mother leave her child (I guessed around 3 years old) locked in the car on a hot day.  She pulled in as I was bringing my stroller back to the car after my Stroller Strides class. I did a double take when I realized she left the kid in the car.  The kid tried to open the door from the inside which set the car alarm off.  She came back, said something to him, rolled the windows down half way and walked away again.  I called the shopping center security to inform them.  In hindsight, I wish I would have said something to her and stayed until security got there to know he was okay.  Or I wish I would have just called 911.  Not sure what the laws are in Washington but I'm pretty sure leaving your kid unattended in a car (especially on a hot day) is illegal.  Ridiculous. 

Sleep and second babies

Ugh.  The last few nights of sleep have been better.  But, this sleep regression has changed my mind about having a second kid anytime soon.  We had originally discussed having kids about 2 years apart which would put me pregnant again early next year.  However, I've decided I need another year to catch up on all the sleep I've lost this year.  So, Sawyer ain't getting a brother or sister anytime soon.  Maybe that was his plan all along...


I'm so ready for fall to be here.  It may be blasphemy to say this as a Seattleite but I miss the rain.  I'm ready for cool days where you put a sweatshirt on, grab a Starbucks, and take a brisk walk.  I'm ready for jeans and boots and scarves (especially since I just bought a super cute Stella & Dot scarf at my party on Friday).  And I keep seeing posts on Pinterest like this:

College Football!

Fall also means the start of football season!  I used to care less about college football but after meeting my husband and finding a team to root for I love it.  I just made an order at the Virginia Tech bookstore so Andrew, Sawyer and I will all be decked out for this season.  Its unfortunate our opening game is against the Number 1 team in the nation but hoping for a better season from the Hokies. 

*Logan Thomas I'm talking to you.  You better get your act together this season or I will fly to Blacksburg and kick your butt personally.


All this back to school stuff makes me want to be organized.  I know several teacher friends who are posting about their teacher notebooks.  I want one of those cool organization notebooks with cute chevron dividers even if I don't need it.  I guess I'll have to settle for organizing my closet instead.  Can I make a notebook for that?

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Stay tuned for Sawyer's 11 month update - got some cute pictures.  This kid could be a model.  Must be all the America's Next Top Model I watched while I was pregnant.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mid Week Confessions

Happy Wednesday friends! 

Confession time!

- Sawyer has hit a major sleep regression.  More than once in the last couple weeks I have wanted to throw him out the window.

- In the midst of such regression and resulting crankiness, I have wished that Sawyer had the attention span to watch TV just so I could get 30 minutes of quiet.

- Starbucks treat receipt is evil - it often means 2 coffees a day for me especially in my sleep deprived state.  Even though the second one is only $2, it still adds up to about $7 per day.  Sawyer doesn't need to go to college right?

- My suitcase from Cleveland is still on the guest bed half unpacked (E, you are not alone!)

- On a more positive note, since starting Body Back, I've lost over 5 pounds and I'm kind of proud that my arms are getting buff

And Sawyer is now awake from his nap so I gotta run.  Don't forget to head over to E, Myself and I to check out the other confessions!

Friday, August 9, 2013

5 on Friday - Cleveland edition

Hi friends.  I took a little blog vacay over the last week or so.  Sorry.  Life was super busy getting ready for our trip and I've been in recovery mode since we've been back.

For this 5 on Friday link up I thought I'd share some highlights from our trip.


Food!  Oh my gosh this was one of the best food trips we have taken.  Our first night we went to Iron Chef Michael Symon's restaurant Lola Bistro.  We had purposely left Seattle at 6 am so we could get to Cleveland earlier and have a chance to go to this restaurant.  It did not disappoint.  We wanted to do a chef's tasting menu but found out you have to call ahead.  So, instead we just ordered a lot of food.  Beef cheek perogies, roasted bone marrow, hanger steak, braised pork shank and for dessert the  6 am special (French toast, maple bacon ice cream and carmelized apples).  And the bill wasn't too terrible - we've definitely spent more.

My cousin Laura held her wedding reception at the Culinary Vegetable Institute in Milan, Ohio.  In addition to it being a wonderful space with beautiful decorations (more on that later) the food was ah-ma-zing.  We had a 5 course meal with stuffed squash blossoms, beautiful vegetables and salad, mushroom bisque, beef shortribs and.....cake.  Oh the cake.  Apparently the woman who makes cakes for Martha Stewart magazines and books made the cake.  It was beautiful.  And so delicious.  Chocolate with meringue, butter cream frosting and sea salt.  It tasted like a yummy smore. 

The next day we went to The Happy Dog.  Its a hot dog place in Cleveland where you can get one of 50 toppings on your hot dog (including options such as peanutbutter, fruit loops, and siracha).   While this wasn't gourmet (or healthy) it was fun to pick toppings.  I ended up getting garlic aoli, carmelized onions, alien relish, and bacon.  It was delicious.

To finish it off, we had to take the opportunity to get some Chick-fil-a on our way back to the airport.  We don't have any in Washington so I get my fix when we travel.

Pinspirations!  Laura had a peacock themed wedding.  Lots of jewel tones which are my favorites.  She did the painted bottles for center pieces which I've seen on Pinterest many times.  She did them all herself.  It was impressive and I'm now totally inspired to do this at home. 

The Hampton Inn.  I love the Hampton. Its definitely one of my favorite hotels to stay at.  They offer a great free breakfast, they have down comforters on their beds instead of those nasty bed spreads and their staff is always amazingly nice.  All of my extended family stayed there and we took over their lobby on more than one occasion.  Sawyer crawled all over the place and the ladies that put out the breakfast fell in love the Sawyer.  The housekeeping staff was super accommodating and often cleaned our room late since Sawyer was napping.  They always left us a note in our room.  It was a great experience for us.

Sawyer loved the plastic spoons at the Hampton Inn

*note these opinions are strictly my own.  I received no compensation to make the above statements, however, if the Hampton wants to offer me a free stay at their hotel I would gladly take it.

Roller coasters.  On Monday we went to Cedar Point in Sandusky.  It has 15 roller coasters and I LOVE me some roller coasters.  Unfortunately, it was so crowded that it was an hour and a half wait for most of them.  When you have a small child, waiting in line all day isn't feasible.  On top of it, Sawyer got sick during the day so we ended up leaving early.  $55 for 3 rides but it was still fun.  Hoping someday to go back and ride all 15..

Millenium Force - did this with my mom.  It was awesome!

The Raptor was an inverted coaster.  It was good but the Millenium was better.

Family.  My extended family is great.  I'm so blessed to be a part of such a great family.  Everyone gets along and we all enjoy the few times we get to all get together.  And my immediate family is fun too so it was nice to have a few days with all of them.  Sawyer loves watching my niece and nephews and they love entertaining him.

Be sure to check out Darci and all the other 5 on Friday bloggers!  Have a great weekend!