Monday, August 26, 2013

Battle of Wills

My son has inherited my stubbornness.  While this may serve him well in certain areas of his life as he gets older, right now its main purpose is to drive his mother crazy.  Seriously.  I've had moments of contemplating dropping him off at Daddy's work and driving far far away for a few days.  I'm working on a post titled "Sometimes it's okay to not like your child."

He's still not sleeping super well at night.  Andrew has been getting up with him so he knows that he doesn't always get Mommy aka The Supplier of Milk when he wakes up.  In fairness to him, he isn't necessarily hungry, just likes to comfort nurse.  So I guess a better name would be Mommy aka Human Pacifier.

Nap times during the day have been variable.  What I really want to start working on his not having to rock him to sleep.  At night he usually falls right asleep after nursing.  During the day I don't nurse him to sleep but we do rock in the chair with a pacifier.  I know I've needed to break him of this habit for a while but I've always had some excuse.  Usually you only need to rock him for 5-10 minutes before he falls asleep and then you can lay him down in his crib.

So today, he was really tired and fell asleep in my arms in less than 5 minutes.  He did, however, wake up when I put him down.  So I decided that I was not going to pick him up.  I turned on his sound machine, layed him back down, and left.  He started crying immediately.  I got in the shower and he was still screaming when I got out so I went back in, layed him down, gave him is paci, turned on his sound machine, rubbed his back and said night night and left.  I set a timer for 10 minutes.  I was determined to repeat this process as long as it took or until his normal nap time should be over. 

*Side note, we tried this one night a few weeks ago, but after 2 hours we were tired and just wanted to sleep so we gave up.  I thought day time might be a better time to try since I would have a little more patience.

I went in another 2-3 times and each time he would be calm when I was there but scream the minute I left.  But I was determine to win the battle.  On the fourth time, he cried for about 5 minutes, then stopped crying, but was still sitting up in the crib.  He played around for a few minutes, started the sound machine himself and eventually went to sleep.

I'm doing a little happy dance and bragged on Facebook.  I'm declaring it a victory - even if it is small. I'm hoping I can do this again the rest of the week during nap time to get us out of the habit of rocking to sleep.

Anyone else out there gone through this process?  How long did it take and what did you try? 

Check out this video of Andrew reading to Sawyer.  He loves turning the pages.  But even at 11 months old he has 2 or 3 books that are his favorites and some that he refuses to read (that also aren't that good).  Its amazing that they have such likes and dislikes so young!


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  1. good job! we had a hard time with E going to sleep on his own too. just have to keep trying and be consistent. a night light helps too :p