Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mid Week Confessions

Happy Wednesday friends! 

Confession time!

- Sawyer has hit a major sleep regression.  More than once in the last couple weeks I have wanted to throw him out the window.

- In the midst of such regression and resulting crankiness, I have wished that Sawyer had the attention span to watch TV just so I could get 30 minutes of quiet.

- Starbucks treat receipt is evil - it often means 2 coffees a day for me especially in my sleep deprived state.  Even though the second one is only $2, it still adds up to about $7 per day.  Sawyer doesn't need to go to college right?

- My suitcase from Cleveland is still on the guest bed half unpacked (E, you are not alone!)

- On a more positive note, since starting Body Back, I've lost over 5 pounds and I'm kind of proud that my arms are getting buff

And Sawyer is now awake from his nap so I gotta run.  Don't forget to head over to E, Myself and I to check out the other confessions!

1 comment:

  1. I swear the kids have all taken some kind of crazy pact this week to drive all parents/ step- parents crazy this week. I just found out about the treat receipt this week, I wish I hadn't.