Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday Hashtags

Hi friends!  No real theme to today's post, just a few random thoughts with hashtags for a little humor to get you through the middle of the week!

- I just found out they are putting a Charming Charlie's store at Redmond Town Center.  I'm so excited!  If you haven't ever been to a Charming Charlie's you are missing out.  Charming Charlie's is to jewelry what IKEA is to furniture minus the meatballs in the middle of the store.  Since everything is arranged by color, it helps those who are a little OCD.  I can't wait.  #myjewelryaddictionisabouttogetworse

- Fall is coming!  I love fall - read about that here.  And along with fall comes all the icky pumkin recipes #pumpkinspicesucks

- I have been stuck on Candy Crush level 350 for over a month.  I have cruised through the last few sections and this is the last one before I level up and I can't get past it!  Its driving me crazy!!  #Candycrackaddict

- As we were loading the dishwasher the other day I decided to put one of Sawyer's sippy cups in.  I took the lid off and found the rubber stopper that keeps it from leaking that should be clear was green.  Dark green.  Green nasty stuff that flaked off.  Probably algae or mold.  Gross.  #momfail

-Sawyer has learned to play peekaboo!  #seriouslyhowcuteismyboy?

- The Miss America pageant is coming on September 15th.  I love watching that pageant.  I end up mocking them especially if they have a ridiculous platform.  Last year, Miss New York won and her major was in make up and perfume or something ridiculous.  I still can't believe she won over Miss Wyoming who wanted to be a physical therapist. #Imightbealittlebiased

-I plan on doing a blog post with Miss America superlative awards #I'madork

-I see all these back to school posts by friends and I know it won't be long before I send Sawyer off to school.  Next week we start toddler group!  Its a co-op group so I attend with him and I am so excited!  I know most of the other moms and kids from parent-baby class.  I'm excited to see all that Sawyer gets to learn #hewillbethesmartestone

Have a great day!

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  1. I hope it doesn't come across as creepy... but I think Sawyer is the cutest and get so excited every time there are new photos or videos of him on instagram and your blog. We love seeing him grow and you sharing about his little (or big!) personality! I'm obsessed.