Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Hashtags

Hi Friends!  There's no confessions link up this week so I figured we could do some hashtags instead as I've got lots of random tidbits to share.

- I realized the other day that you can actually see muscle definition in my arms!  I've never had buff arms but all those planks and push ups are starting to pay off!  #checkouttheseguns #buffmommy #Ifeltveryawkwardtakingthispicture


- I had two pairs of Citizen of Humanity jeans that I FINALLY took to get fixed at the cleaners (one had a small hole that needed to be patched and the other needed to have the button fixed).  I tried both of them on and while I could get them buttoned, they were certainly not comfortable to wear. #motivationtolose10morepounds

-While trying on said jeans, I realized that I can no longer wear super low cut jeans.  After I tried on my Citizens, I put on my Lucky Sofia Bootcut jeans - they are A) cut for a more curvy figure and B) specially cut to have a higher rise in the back.  They button just below my belly button and well cover my c-section pooch and are so comfy. My skinny jeans are also from the Lucky Sofia line.  #Imnot21anymore #momjeans

- I've been tracking my Stella & Dot Sample order and it should arrive tomorrow.  I. Can't. Wait.  #ChristmasinOctober

- Have you discovered the Polyvore site?  I've seen it a lot with my Stella & Dot business - you can create your own fashion or home d├ęcor looks like the ones you see on Pinterest.  I'm slightly addicted to creating stuff especially with Stella & Dot jewelry.  #justwhatIneed

Fall Look
Isn't this a cute look for fall?

-Sawyer has officially learned to clap.  Before if you asked him to clap he just crossed his arms and touched his elbows.  Now he puts his hands together and looks so proud of himself.  #hestoocute

He loves the bubbles at toddler class

That's all I've got for today.  Hope you all are having a great week!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I've got cabbage in my bra...and I'm wearing skinny jeans

I've got cabbage in my bra...and I'm wearing skinny jeans.

Two things I never thought I'd say (or type). 

They are also completely unrelated.

Lets start with the cabbage.  Sawyer is officially weaned and the milk bar is closed and shuttered.  Its been over a week since he's last breast fed.  He's taken to bottles of cow's milk without blinking an eye.  My boobs haven't gotten the message yet.  Since I weaned down over a 3-4 week time frame, I figured my body would just get used to it.  I was good for a day or two, started wearing normal bras again.  And then it started going downhill.  I started getting so sore especially where my underwire hits.  So, I called my personal lactation specialist (aka my mother in law) who suggested I put cabbage leaves in my bra. 

Surprisingly it worked!  I'm still a little sore but the cabbage helps. Now if I could just quit leaking....

Some moms say they miss breastfeeding once they are done.  Me?  Not so much.  Its very freeing to not have to worry about pumping enough milk to for the days I work.  I get my lunch hours back at work to talk to my coworkers or actually catch up on paperwork.  I can easily be gone for several hours without having to worry about getting back to feed him.  Andrew can put him to bed while I cook dinner.

It really hit home though when I started sterilizing and boxing up all my breast pump supplies and feeding stuff.  I realized my boy is not a baby anymore.  That made me more sad than anything.

But then I think about my skinny jeans.  I never though I could pull off skinny jeans being blessed with a pear shaped figure.  But I had one of those shopping days.  You know, the one where you find super cute stuff to try on and it all looks good on you and makes you feel skinny. (Granted, I have officially lost 10 lbs since starting Body Back in July)  I really wanted to buy some riding boots and needed skinny jeans to go with them.  So I tried on this pair of Lucky skinny jeans and I thought I looked pretty decent.  So I bought them. 

I have to admit - I kind of love them.  I may actually buy another pair.

Not only are they super stretchy and comfy but my hems don't drag on the ground and get wet.  So far I've only worn them with flats (which look cute) and I'm really excited to wear them with my new riding boots.

What about you?  Anything you thought you'd never do or say that you've done lately?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Growing up, we never went to a pumpkin patch. Our pumpkins usually came from the grocery store. I don't know if it was a time thing since both my parents worked full time or if there just weren't any pumpkin patches in our town. It didn't matter though because we always had fun decorating them. They didn't have these fancy pumpkin carving kits like they do today - it was all about drawing your face with a marker and cutting it out. My parents role was to make sure we didn't cut our fingers off. Mom toasted the pumpkin seeds while Dad helped carve. Good times.

Where we live now, there are LOTS of farms that have pumpkin patches including one that is about 2 miles from our house. Of course, that would have been too easy so I didn't pick that one. After consulting with some friends, I decided to go to Stocker farms in Snohomish WA which is about a 30 minute drive north east of where we live. We had so much fun! We got there early so it wasn't too crowded, they provided wagons or wheel barrows and the pumpkin patch itself was free (as opposed to the pumpkin park which had lots of kiddy activities - that was $10 per adult. We figured Sawyer was too young to really enjoy or appreciate that so we skipped it). Sawyer loved riding in the wagon and touching the pumpkins and we had fun taking pictures and watching his cute face. I definitely think this is a new family tradition.

Could this kid get any cuter?
Look Mom!  Its a big pumpkin!
This one is more my size.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mid Week Confessions

How is it Wednesday again...and October?  Time is just flying by recently.  I saw on Facebook that there's only 75 days until Christmas.  What?!?!

Anyway, lets confess shall we?

- I have a pimple the size of Everest on my chin.  It was one of those you could feel coming for a couple of days.  I swore that I would leave it alone and not mess with it to avoid making it worse.  Then this morning I tried to pop it.  And now it looks even worse.  Seriously - its like I'm 15 again.

- There is a new mom who came to my work out class - she introduced herself and said her son's name was True.  My first thought was "do you have another one named False?".  Yes I judged.  Again, its like I'm 15.

- This morning I was making egg whites with turkey sausage and cheese for breakfast but I felt like something sweet.  So I put a little syrup in it.  It was surprisingly delicious.  I swear I'm not pregnant.

- BIG NEWS!  I am launching a new business as a Stella & Dot Stylist.  I was introduced to Stella & Dot earlier this year and hosted my own show in August.  I love love LOVE their stuff and have decided to sell it on my own.  Partially because jewelry parties are fun but also because then I get a buy more jewelry.  It could be a dangerous cycle but I'm ready for the ride.  I'm sure I will be posting more.

-I was drinking my latte this morning while trying to check facebook on my phone and keep an eye on Sawyer.  I didn't have the spout lined up with my mouth and ended up pouring my latte on my shirt.  Apparently my multi tasking skills are slipping.

- I gave Sawyer a haircut the other night - it wasn't my best work but to my own credit I had a moving target to work with.  That poor kid is going to be the geeky kid at school with the crazy haircuts that his mom gives him.

That's all I've got.  Hope you all are having a great week!  Don't forget to check out E Myself and I for other blogger confessions!

He's seem mommy with too many of these cups....

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weeknight Dinner - Fish Tacos

In my house - especially on work days - I am a huge fan of quick and easy dinners.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for fish tacos and it has quickly become a go to dinner that is easy and delicious.

We have found (and purchased) frozen panko crusted fish (either cod or tilapia - we like both equally) at Costco.  A box is around $11 and has several meals worth of fish.  Throw them in the oven for 20 minutes and voila! you have crispy fish filets that are wonderful on their own with a little tartar sauce.  But, they transform beautifully into fish tacos - combined with a tangy slaw, creamy cilantro lime sauce and a warm corn tortilla and you have perfection on a plate.

Here is the recipe (adapted from No Food Fights)

Cabbage Slaw:
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1 TBSP sugar
1 tsp salt

I package of tri color slaw
1/2 cup chopped cilantro

Dissolve sugar and salt in red wine vinegar and pour over slaw.  Its a small amount of dressing and a lot of slaw but it is plenty.  Stir in the cilantro 5 minutes before serving.

Cilantro-Lime Dressing
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup fat free greek yogurt
1/2 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder
2 TBSP chopped cilantro
juice of 1 lime

Combine all ingredients in small food processor or blender until smooth.


Cook fish according to package directions.  We have found that 4-5 pieces of fish (depending on their size) is enough for 6 tacos or 3 per person.

Heat corn tortillas in a pan over medium high heat for 20-30 seconds on each side.

Place fish on tortillas, top with cabbage slaw and drizzle lime cilantro dressing over top.

*the recipe makes slaw and dressing for a several servings.  We will usually do this at least two nights during the week if I make the slaw and dressing.

If you make them, be sure to invite me over so I can test them to make sure you did it right.  Seriously.