Sunday, October 20, 2013

I've got cabbage in my bra...and I'm wearing skinny jeans

I've got cabbage in my bra...and I'm wearing skinny jeans.

Two things I never thought I'd say (or type). 

They are also completely unrelated.

Lets start with the cabbage.  Sawyer is officially weaned and the milk bar is closed and shuttered.  Its been over a week since he's last breast fed.  He's taken to bottles of cow's milk without blinking an eye.  My boobs haven't gotten the message yet.  Since I weaned down over a 3-4 week time frame, I figured my body would just get used to it.  I was good for a day or two, started wearing normal bras again.  And then it started going downhill.  I started getting so sore especially where my underwire hits.  So, I called my personal lactation specialist (aka my mother in law) who suggested I put cabbage leaves in my bra. 

Surprisingly it worked!  I'm still a little sore but the cabbage helps. Now if I could just quit leaking....

Some moms say they miss breastfeeding once they are done.  Me?  Not so much.  Its very freeing to not have to worry about pumping enough milk to for the days I work.  I get my lunch hours back at work to talk to my coworkers or actually catch up on paperwork.  I can easily be gone for several hours without having to worry about getting back to feed him.  Andrew can put him to bed while I cook dinner.

It really hit home though when I started sterilizing and boxing up all my breast pump supplies and feeding stuff.  I realized my boy is not a baby anymore.  That made me more sad than anything.

But then I think about my skinny jeans.  I never though I could pull off skinny jeans being blessed with a pear shaped figure.  But I had one of those shopping days.  You know, the one where you find super cute stuff to try on and it all looks good on you and makes you feel skinny. (Granted, I have officially lost 10 lbs since starting Body Back in July)  I really wanted to buy some riding boots and needed skinny jeans to go with them.  So I tried on this pair of Lucky skinny jeans and I thought I looked pretty decent.  So I bought them. 

I have to admit - I kind of love them.  I may actually buy another pair.

Not only are they super stretchy and comfy but my hems don't drag on the ground and get wet.  So far I've only worn them with flats (which look cute) and I'm really excited to wear them with my new riding boots.

What about you?  Anything you thought you'd never do or say that you've done lately?


  1. congrat son the 10 lbs! and um glad the cabbage worked haha!

  2. Go girl! 10 pounds!!! I finally got back on the wagon to lose some weight this week... I'm down a whopping 2.5 pounds! Haha! (Baby steps, right?) I bet you look awesome in your skinny jeans and riding boots.... And cabbage! :)

    Good for you for breastfeeding for a year! I made it ten months, and felt much the same way as you when I was done. Sorry about the leaky boobs... Those darn things! Glad the cabbage is helping!