Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mid Week Confessions

How is it Wednesday again...and October?  Time is just flying by recently.  I saw on Facebook that there's only 75 days until Christmas.  What?!?!

Anyway, lets confess shall we?

- I have a pimple the size of Everest on my chin.  It was one of those you could feel coming for a couple of days.  I swore that I would leave it alone and not mess with it to avoid making it worse.  Then this morning I tried to pop it.  And now it looks even worse.  Seriously - its like I'm 15 again.

- There is a new mom who came to my work out class - she introduced herself and said her son's name was True.  My first thought was "do you have another one named False?".  Yes I judged.  Again, its like I'm 15.

- This morning I was making egg whites with turkey sausage and cheese for breakfast but I felt like something sweet.  So I put a little syrup in it.  It was surprisingly delicious.  I swear I'm not pregnant.

- BIG NEWS!  I am launching a new business as a Stella & Dot Stylist.  I was introduced to Stella & Dot earlier this year and hosted my own show in August.  I love love LOVE their stuff and have decided to sell it on my own.  Partially because jewelry parties are fun but also because then I get a buy more jewelry.  It could be a dangerous cycle but I'm ready for the ride.  I'm sure I will be posting more.

-I was drinking my latte this morning while trying to check facebook on my phone and keep an eye on Sawyer.  I didn't have the spout lined up with my mouth and ended up pouring my latte on my shirt.  Apparently my multi tasking skills are slipping.

- I gave Sawyer a haircut the other night - it wasn't my best work but to my own credit I had a moving target to work with.  That poor kid is going to be the geeky kid at school with the crazy haircuts that his mom gives him.

That's all I've got.  Hope you all are having a great week!  Don't forget to check out E Myself and I for other blogger confessions!

He's seem mommy with too many of these cups....

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