Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Highlights from year 33....

Today marks the 4th anniversary of my 29th birthday.  That's 33 for those of you who haven't had your coffee yet today.

Every year, my birthday seems to arrive faster and faster.  This year was no exception.  Somehow the addition of an ankle biter (I know now where that term comes from as Sawyer literally tries to bite my feet) makes time fly just that much faster.

To mark this day, I've decided to reflect on 33 highlights of this year.

1. 2012 Birthday dinner at Fogo de Chao in DC with AJ and Lauren
2. Making new friends in Parent Baby class
3. Going back to work and remembering why I like it
4. Putting Sawyer in this shirt
5. Travelling to Virginia to celebrate Grandpa Hall's 70th birthday
6. Starting Stroller Strides - best decision ever!
7. Sawyer's first haircut
8. Putting Sawyer in this hat (one of my favorite pictures)
 9. Lots of fun times in the bathtub
 10. Nice summer days at the park

 11. My first Mother's Day - I got a potato ricer so I could make gnocchi
 12. Chopping my hair off.  I'm currently growing it out again but this picture makes me want to chop it off!

 13. Aunt Janet and Uncle Ken coming to visit
14. Sawyer's first Mariner's game!

 15. This romper
 16. Our trip to the Oregon Coast with Andrew's parents
17. Sawyer eating sand
 17. A walk on the beach with my love
 18. Sawyer learning to crawl in Oregon!
19. The Salty by the Sea Mocha from the Green Salmon in Yachats, Oregon.  Yes, it was that good that it gets its own highlight.
20. My cousins wedding in Cleveland
 20. Eating at Michael Symon's restaurant Lola in Cleveland....and Happy Dog!
21. Summer time walks to Starbucks

20. Hosting my first Stella & Dot show with my friend Caroline
 21. The first Hokie game of the season - Sawyer was very excited.

22. Snuggles with my boy
 23. Sawyer's birthday and family photos in the park
24. The whole family coming to celebrate Sawyer's first birthday
 25. Starting Body Back
26. Mom's night out at Canvas Sip and Paint - look what I made!
 27. Sawy'ers first trip to the pumpkin patch!

 28. Playdates with friends
 29. I got some guns!
 30. I bought skinny jeans!
31. Fun times in toddler class
 32. Joining Stella & Dot as a stylist!
33.  Thanksgiving with my East coast family. 
There's many more highlights that I didn't mention but all in all I am a blessed woman.  I have a great husband, a wonderful little boy, a loving family and a loving God.  Hoping the next year brings just as many blessings and adventures.

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  1. Happiest of Birthdays my friend! I thought of you all day every time I wrote the date!