Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reality Check

You know when you know something about yourself that needs to change but you choose to ignore it or deny that you really need to do anything about it?

Well, I had a reality check last week.

I have genetically high cholesterol (thanks Mom and Dad).  I was first diagnosed when I was in high school when I played multiple sports and weight 140 pounds.  I was on cholesterol medication for several years through college and grad school but stopped taking it when Andrew and I got married because I was afraid of accidentally getting pregnant (and those medications are dangerous to a fetus).  I ended up seeing a specialist and ironically my numbers were better when I was off the medications.  So I've just kept an eye on things over the years and tried to control it with diet and exercise.

I had a physical with my doctor a couple weeks ago to get my cholesterol checked and to check my blood sugars since I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy.  I've worked very hard to get back to pre-baby weight but this weight is still 20 pounds heavier than I'd like to bed.

I met with my doctor last week to go over the numbers in my blood work.  I was a little disappointed.

First, my fasting glucose numbers were 3 points above normal - story of my life people.

My overall cholesterol was borderline high but my triglycerides were normal - yay!

But my most disturbing number was my high sensitivity CRP which measures inflammation and risk for heart disease.    It was ridiculously high.  Given my high cholesterol and family history of heart disease this number scares the crap out of me.

*sidenote, I was coming down with a cold when my blood was taken and since this number can reflect infection, its possible that it was elevated because of that.

Anyway, my doctor thinks all my numbers can go down to normal if I could lose 20 pounds. 

Yep.  Those 20 pounds I've been fighting since college.  Heck, those 20 pounds I've been fighting since I got married!  Those damn 20 pounds.

But, after such a reality check, I'm a bit more motivated to actually make it happen.

I've got the exercise down.  With Stroller Strides at least 3 times per week, and Body Back will resume in January, I'm stronger than I've probably ever been.

Now comes the diet.

My doctor recommended the Ideal Protein Diet.  I've heard (and known people) who have had success with it.  But I just can't get behind a diet plan with pre-packaged food or the cost that is associated with the meal replacements.

So, I am going to try the Dukan Diet instead.  Its very similar (French based diet) that is heavy on protein, less carbs with several phases that gradually introduce carbs and regular portion controlled eating back into your diet. My parents have had really good success with this over the last couple of years. 

We have my work Christmas party this weekend so will get all our groceries and everything after that.  And next week is my birthday and you better believe that I will eat what I want on my birthday which will include a cranberry bliss bar from Starbucks and some cheesecake.  But otherwise, hoping to drop some weight and keep up my exercise and bring those numbers down.

I'll try and keep you all posted on my progress.  I'm feeling motivated to get my numbers back to normal. 

Who's with me?  Anyone tried the Ideal Protein Diet? 

PS  Sorry for lack of blogging.  Things are just busy.  I've got lots of things to catch you up on and some great ideas for some blogging in the new year. 

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  1. Sarah, thanks for being so honest. I feel like I am in a VERY similar boat... I have a physical on the 23rd, and am SO nervous about the results of my blood work etc. Plus, we want to have a second baby and I really need to lose weight before then. It is SO hard.

    I've "started" a plan that is very similar to the one you mentioned - high protein, low sugar - but will get very serious about it after Christmas.

    I'm thankful to know I'm not alone!! Good luck to you!!