Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mid Week Confessions

Confessions are back - hooray!!  E is back at E, Myself and I with her confessions so I'm linking up today (even though its a day late)

Here we go:

- I was invited to a child's birthday party by a mom who I didn't really know that well.  I wasn't sure if I was expected to bring a gift or not and didn't plan time to go buy one so at the last minute I re-gifted this plastic plate/cup set I had gotten at my baby shower.  #don'tjudge

-I honestly feel if you are over 30 you should not have sparkles on your jeans.

- Our pediatrician recommended we wean Sawyer off a bottle but I'm pretty sure we will keep using them for a while

- I joined a book exchange (you know, one of those ones where you send a book to a kid, then forward the letter to 6 friends and put your kids name on the list and your friends send it to 6 other friends etc) but only found 4 moms who also wanted to do it.  Then Amazon emailed me and said they couldn't deliver to the address where I sent a book.  I'm choosing to ignore it and hope it just goes away and will never do one of these again.

- I started a new session of Body Back this week and there are 3 other girls in my class this time (I've been by myself with my very intimidating trainer the last 2 sessions).  I kicked all their butts in our assessment.  And I was proud.

- I got Starbucks gift cards for my birthday and have pretty much been drinking a latte every.  single.  day.  Its going to be sad now that I'm not going to be able to afford to keep up my habit. 

How about you - what do you need to get off your chest?

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