Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's been a while, huh?

Hi Friends.  It's been a while, huh?  Somehow the last 6 months kind of flew by.  I have lots to share and several blog posts in the works but lets do a quick catch up with a re-cap of our summer.

And go.

- First things first (and much more to come) - we have a new member of our family!  Welcome to our world Walker John Hall.  Born on 10/22/14, 8 lbs 13 oz, 20.5 inches long.  We love him so so so much and it feels like he's a natural addition to our groove as a family.


- Here are my belly pics to catch you up (since my last post was at 16 weeks....)

- This summer we took a cruise to Bermuda with Andrew's parents.  Stay tuned for a post entitled "10 Tips for Cruising with a Toddler".  Tip #1:  Don't do it!!

This kid loved the beach

- After our cruise, Sawyer went on a sleep strike and we transitioned to a toddler bed.  It was a hellish summer with not much sleep.  But in hindsight it prepped us for the sleep deprivation of baby #2

- Overall this summer in Seattle was HOT!!!  Way too hot for my preference especially being pregnant.  I spend a lot of it complaining, whining, and taking lots of air conditioned car trips to Starbucks for iced coffee.  We ran our portable A/C unit in our room most every night and I was still hot.

- In August, we took a baby moon to Niagara Falls for Andrew's sister Susanna's wedding.  We left Sawyer at home with Grandma and Grandpa Watson and remembered what it was like to travel without a small child.  My friends, it was glorious.  While we missed our boy we enjoyed sleeping through the night (minus getting up to pee) and not chasing a two year old everywhere...

The Falls on the Canadian side

Falls on the American side

- Sawyer turned 2 in September!  I will post an update on him soon.  He is a typical boy - loves trucks, trains, and construction equipment.  He's learning new words on a daily basis and knows his colors, some of the alphabet, a few shapes, and all his animal sounds and body parts.  My favorite is when he says "people ridiculous" which he learned from me while I yell at slow drivers.

Brotherly love - {heart melting}

Birthday party at the park - the kid got to play for 3 hours and eat a cupcake.  He was a happy camper.

Birthday Dinner at Red Robin where they sang and gave him an ice cream sundae

So, I'm hoping to be a little more regular with my posts and avoid another 6 month gap.  I don't know how these blog moms manage to do regular posts considering I find it hard to find time to take a shower during the day now that I have two children and full time help....

Stay tuned friends. I've missed you!

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