Thursday, November 13, 2014

Things I'd forgotten about the newborn days

Hi friends!  We are still in the trenches of the newborn days around here - though I'm finding this go around so much more relaxed that the first.  My recovery is easier and I'm way less stressed about the well being of my baby.  The hormone surges and emotional roller coaster remains the same and I realized I had forgotten many things about the newborn days.

Leaky boobs and nipple spasms
I'm not sure every mom has nipple spasms but it is the weirdest sensation.  Mine usually happen when its feeding time and its my let down starting.  Then the leaking starts.  I'm still in the process of regulating my milk so sometimes I don't have any leaking and other times I'm leaking through my breast pads. 

Careful showering
Speaking of nipples, they are sore thanks to an in-efficient latcher chewing on them 10+ times per day!  I forgot how showering takes careful positioning to avoid letting the stream of water hit them directly.  And in our stand up shower that can be difficult.

Diapers galore!
I've gotten used to a toddler who needs a diaper change about 4 times a day.  Walker fills a diaper like a boss.  Half the time DURING a diaper change or immediately after he has a clean one on.  If not then he likes to pee out of his diaper onto whomever is holding him requiring both a diaper AND an outfit change.  Fortunately we can fit two to three times the amount of diapers in Walker's diaper pail because they are so small.

Baby squeaks
Seriously, I could listen to all those cute little squeaks and grunts all stinking day.

Walker is such a mellow newborn I really wish that these newborn days would last just a little bit longer.  He's so mellow and snuggly and compared to a 2 year old he seems super easy as long as he has a full belly. 

I'm working on his birth story so stay tuned.  In the mean time, look at cute pictures.

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